Hackensack University Medical Center-Plaza Pharmacy   

Hackensack University Medical Center-Plaza Pharmacy

We can fill your prescription during your work schedule or, if you are a patient, before you are discharged from the hospital.

We accept prescriptions from patients in all areas of the medical center, including the clinics, emergency room, same-day surgery, occupational medicine, physical rehabilitation, and the stem cell transplantation program.

We also fill prescriptions for employees and their immediate families.

Why Choose Us?

The Plaza Pharmacy at Hackensack University Medical Center is a full-service retail pharmacy that provides prescription and over-the-counter medications, medical supplies, sundries, and other merchandise for patients and employees of the medical center.

The Plaza Pharmacy offers the personalized convenience and service of your neighborhood pharmacy combined with the expertise and expanded inventory that comes from being located right at a medical center.

Here are just some of the reasons why you should choose The Plaza Pharmacy for all your pharmaceutical and sundry needs:

Highly skilled registered pharmacists, who have years of experience counseling patients, interfacing with physicians, and filling and compounding prescriptions.

Convenient hours and location that make it easy for you to fill all your pharmacy needs in one place.

Effortless prescription filling. Whether you are an employee, a patient just being discharged from the hospital, or are in need of outpatient pharmacy services, we will fill your prescriptions efficiently and have them ready as you leave the medical center. Prescriptions can be called in, faxed, or sent to us by the medical center’s internal pneumatic tube system. We will then fill them and deliver them right to your hospital room or employee location— saving you time.

Extensive and specialty inventory. Because we are intimately familiar with the prescription patterns of our doctors at the medical center, we stock the most common medications and compounds they prescribe. We also stock medications for specialty services not found at regular pharmacies, including prescriptions for patients undergoing stem cell transplantation or infertility treatment. Since we communicate regularly with the medical center’s physicians, we can stock new medications as they become available and can fill special orders by request.

Most major insurance plans, including Medicare D and workers’ compensation plans, are accepted.

Personalized patient services, including private consultations to help fill in the gaps of information you might want to know about your medications.

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