A Violence Intervention Program with Roots in the Community Where it is Needed Most

Project HEAL: Help, Empower, and Lead is a community-based program dedicated to providing assistance, resources, and tools for those affected by violence to change and improve their lives. Our program works in coordination with Jersey Shore University Medical Center and a variety of other community and crisis groups.

Our Core Beliefs

Our mission is to instill hope, create opportunities and give support by providing help, empowerment and leadership to heal the community.

About Us

The goal of Project HEAL is to break the cycle of violence by connecting with individuals after a violent experience, when they might be most willing to make a change. By doing so, the Project HEAL team can focus on the immediate need of individuals and help change the circumstances that may have caused the violence they experienced.

Utilizing impacted people from the community to operate as our Violence Intervention Specialists will help us break through barriers and and link individuals with essential aftercare.

Who We Are

The Project HEAL team is passionate about getting to the root of community problems and seeing where the need is greatest. Our diverse team includes counselors, nurses, and case managers who are committed to helping those affected by violence.

How We Help

When an individual is seen in the emergency room after a violent injury, a Project HEAL Violence Intervention Specialist will meet them bedside to provide support and crisis intervention.

Upon hospital discharge, the Project HEAL team will work together to provide support and wraparound services including:

  • Counseling
  • Educational opportunities
  • Healthcare coordination
  • Housing supports and relocation services
  • Job training and placement
  • Advocacy
  • Legal aid referrals
  • Safety planning
  • Intensive care management
  • Transportation

360 Care and a Road Forward

We know that the impact of violence is often more than physical. The impact may be mental in the form of stress and trauma or take another form altogether. As a result, we recognize that healing from violence often requires more – in the form of counseling, educational opportunities, healthcare coordination and navigation, housing supports and relocation services, job training and placement, patient advocacy, safety planning, social services, and transportation – and so we are committed to doing exactly that for the patients we work with.

Additionally, the data is compelling that action is needed now. Studies have found that nearly 40% of those treated for a violent injury return to the hospital with another violent injury within five years and that nearly 20% of those treatment for a violent injury are dead of another violent injury within five years. This data underscores the importance of intervening early to break cycles of violence that may span generations. Studies similarly show that violence intervention programs like Project HEAL prevent further violence, promote healing, save lives and can have a profound impact on society by reducing the cost of crime and incarceration.

How to Contact Us

If you have been or know someone who has been affected by violence or would like more information about Project HEAL, contact us by phone or by email. We are located at 2240 Route 33, Suite 111, Neptune, NJ 07753.

Project HEAL Quarterly Report October 2021

Project HEAL Newsletter December 2021



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