Hackensack University Medical Center Pilots Delirium Prevention Program

Psychiatry Department collaboration provides standardized non-pharmacological options to support orientation and routine

Delerium Prevention

Hackensack University Medical Center recently launched a Delirium Prevention Pilot Program. The Division of Geriatrics in collaboration with the nursing team uses a delirium prevention bundle, which includes multiple non-pharmacological interventions. The template can be accessed through Epic and promotes a protocol of routine and orientation.

It includes a daily checklist of time awareness practices, such as referencing an analog clock, updating white boards with the date and day of the week, and practicing orienting conversations such as next meal, time of day and current events. The checklist also includes practices to help structure daily routine, such as oral hygiene, an evening warm beverage, hand/back massage and evening light dimming.

Other practices support engagement, such as offering an activity packet and pencil, eyeglasses and hearing aids. The checklist also promotes ambulatory movement multiple times a day, regular toileting and taking meals out of bed.

The recent geriatrics-psychiatry collaboration will use this tool as an important intervention for patients at risk of delirium. Both teams will use the same Epic template, which was created in collaboration, for documentation and standardizing assessments and a care plan.

Learn more about innovative geriatric care at Hackensack University Medical Center.

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