Hackensack Meridian Health to Partner with Hall of Fame Health to Improve Health Care Delivery for Former Football Players and Their Families   

Hackensack Meridian Health to Partner with Hall of Fame Health to Improve Health Care Delivery for Former Football Players and Their Families

Hackensack Meridian Health and Hall of Fame Health are teaming up to provide award-winning, compassionate health care for former football players, their families and dependents. The partnership will combine the influence and popularity of football with the resources of New Jersey’s largest, most integrated health care network to build healthier, stronger communities in the Garden State and beyond. 

Hackensack Meridian Health operates 18 hospitals, including three academic medical centers, two children’s hospitals, nine community hospitals, a behavioral health hospital, a long term acute care hospital, and two rehabilitation hospitals. Additionally, the network includes over 7,000 physicians and 500 patient care locations throughout the state, and boasts nationally renowned programs in cancer, heart, orthopedics, neurosciences, pediatrics and behavioral health, among others. 

Hall of Fame Health, which launched in early 2020, seeks to bring world-class health care solutions and services to all those in the football community – not just Hall of Famers. And services are available to their families and dependents as well.  

“We are very excited to be joining with Hackensack Meridian Health,” said Jeremy Hogue, CEO of Hall of Fame Health. “This is truly one of the top health systems in the country, and will not only help us serve the sizable football community in the New York-New Jersey area, but families from around the country. The breadth of expertise and the comprehensive nature of all they do truly makes Hackensack Meridian Health a unique and special partner.” 

Since its launch, Hall of Fame Health has assembled some of the most notable organizations in the country to build its offerings, from a concierge service to help families navigate and advocate for them, to partnerships with health systems and medical groups, to assistance on insurance and benefit issues, to one of the most comprehensive behavioral health networks in the country with providers across all levels of care and including a team to assist families in times of crisis. In addition, Hall of Fame Health is developing programs that utilize the platform of football to impact and improve overall health in communities across the country.

“Our partnership with Hall of Fame Health will expand access to high quality, compassionate care for football players and their families,” said Robert C. Garrett, FACHE, CEO of Hackensack Meridian Health. “Together, we can also educate communities about the best options to stay healthy.’’

“As a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame but more importantly a ‘Player Advocate,’ I am ecstatic to see that Hackensack Meridian Health and Hall of Fame Health will be working together to fill the health care needs of former players (without age restrictions) along with their families and dependents," said HARRY CARSON, Pro Football Hall of Famer, former New York Giants captain and Hackensack Meridian Health ambassador.

Jeremy Hogue, CEO, Hall of Fame Health
jhogue@hofhealth.com; 949-706-9900, Ext. 3464 

About Hall of Fame Health
Hall of Fame Health is a joint venture between the Pro Football Hall of Fame and Sovereign Healthcare, created to develop services and solutions for all persons associated with the game of football, and extending these efforts to impact our communities. The entity seeks to play an integral role in shaping health care services and benefits, pioneering innovative new business ventures, partnering with market leaders in various go-to-market strategies, coordinating game-changing research, raising funds for those in need of financial assistance or services, and advocating for better health care for all. For more information about Hall of Fame Health, visit HOFHealth.com.

Ben Goldstein, Hackensack Meridian Health
Benjamin.Goldstein@hmhn.org; 848-275-1879

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