Hackensack Meridian JFK University Medical Center Offers Innovative PSMA PET Imaging Test to Aid in Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer

January 30, 2023

HMJFKUMC Offers Innovative PSMA PET Imaging Test to Aid in Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer

Hackensack Meridian JFK University Medical Center announced the availability of PYLARIFY® (piflufolastat F 18) injection, an innovative prostate cancer imaging test. The injection is given to a patient through a vein in the arm. That injection binds to prostate cancer cells sending a radio signal which, during a PET scan, shows where the drug is gathering to indicate where the cancer is. A three dimensional picture of the inside of the body, enables doctors to see lymph nodes, bone, and soft tissue metastasis (spread) to determine the presence or absence of recurrent and/or metastatic prostate cancer. 

PYLARIFY is indicated for patients with suspected prostate cancer metastasis who are potentially curable via surgery or other therapy. Patients are considered for PSMA if a blood test shows high levels of PSA. If there is a high PSA level then a doctor may order the PSMA test. It is also indicated for patients with suspected prostate cancer recurrence based on elevated serum prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels.

“PSMA-targeted imaging has emerged as a valuable tool not only for the staging of prostate cancer, but also for restaging in men with recurrent disease,” said Michael Lasser M.D., medical director, robotic surgery, JFK University Medical Center. "With its higher specificity and enhanced spatial resolution, compared to conventional modalities, PSMA-targeted PET imaging is a significant advance in prostate cancer diagnostic.”

“The availability of the PYLARIFY test at JFK University Medical Center means patients with prostate cancer no longer need to travel to obtain PSMA-targeted PET imaging. They can get this innovative technology close to home,” said Amie Thornton, president, chief hospital executive, JFK University Medical Center. 

“We customize a unique treatment approach for each patient,” says Hank Freeman, M.D., chair, radiology, JFK University Medical Center. “By combining PSMA PET imaging with advanced technology that uses biology to guide the delivery of radiation therapy we will help improve patient outcomes.”

Click here for demonstration on how Pylarify works on patients.

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