Cancer Care

Lung Cancer Surgery in the Time of COVID-19

Barbara Provost isn’t a stranger to surgery. She’s had both hip and knee replacement surgery, and in October 2018, she...

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Conquering Stroke

Robert Rountree, 59, from Orange, New Jersey, usually cooked meals for himself and his wife, Sheila. As a former in-house...

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The Best Medicine for Osteoarthritis

Shari Linick loves to make people laugh. The 54-year-old stand-up comedian, who has taken the stage at bars and comedy...

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Cancer Care

The Drive to Survive Cancer

Patients arriving at John Theurer Cancer Center, part of Hackensack University Medical Center, are often greeted by a uniformed parking...

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Hope After Stroke

Although they can happen at any age, approximately two-thirds of all strokes occur over the age of 65. So when...

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Cancer Care

Going the Distance for Tackle Kids Cancer

Pat Mahady loves to run. He runs in half marathons, full marathons, pub crawls, brewery races, you name it. He’ll...

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Men's Health

New Hope for Pulmonary Embolism Patient

Robert Christian, 45, is an active guy. He has played ice hockey since he was in third grade, loves hunting...

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Cardiac / Heart Health

Lifelong Cardiology Care

Thirty years ago, just before New Year’s Day, then-28-year-old Hugo Morales began experiencing chills, nausea and heart palpitations, and he...

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Cardiac / Heart HealthMen's Health

Family Support Through a Heart Attack

December 2018 was a busy and exciting month for 74-year-old Legrand Castro and his family. On top of the typical...

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Cardiac / Heart Health

Back in the Gym After a Heart Attack

Tuesday, May 15, started out like any other day for James DeMaria, 50, of New City, New York. James was...

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