Cardiovascular Patient Stories

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  • If you see the sun rise everyday, life is good today.
    ‐ Fred Arnold, Heart attack survivor

Making Miracles Happen

Police officer Fred Arnold suffered a heart attack on the job. Fred was taken to Mountainside Medical Center. His heart stopped for nearly an hour, but the cardiac team at Mountainside Medical Center worked quickly to insert a stent, get Fred’s heart pumping again, and literally bring him back to life.

A Revolution In Valve Replacement

Walter Reiling was struggling with congestive heart failure, and was not a candidate for open heart surgery. The multi-disciplinary team at Hackensack University Medical Center utilized the innovative TAVR (transcatheter aortic valve replacement) procedure to safely and effectively replace Walter’s valve, and improve his quality of life.

A Community Hospital So Close

As the owner of The Hobby Shop, Arlene loved interacting with her customers but after suffering a heart attack, it was her turn to be cared for by the expert team.

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