4 Elements of the Cleaning Process

When talking about cleaning we always mention the process in which it is carried out. There are 4 basic elements that you should follow to help ensure that you are cleaning effectively and efficiently to save the most time and money.

  1. Mechanical: Agitate surfaces with a brush, scraper, pressure washer or pure old fashioned elbow grease.
  2. Product: Use the right product for the job - don’t try to strip your floors with an all purpose cleaner.
  3. Temperature: Turn up the heat - using warmer water speeds up soil suspension.
  4. Time: Allow the required time for products to work. This is probably the element that is most difficult to adhere to. When you strip a floor, your dwell time of floor finish remover should be at least 7 minutes to allow the chemical to break down the finish for easier removal. You cannot rush this process if you want maximum results.

In summation, always use the right product, with the right equipment, at the right temperature for the right amount of time. Anytime you take away from one element you must compensate for the other three.

Work smarter not harder: Following the proper dilution ratios of chemicals and using the correct chemicals are critical to working smarter.

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