Having the Right Equipment for the Job

In today’s janitorial cleaning market we are always asked to do more with less. Whether you are part of an in-house operation or a contract cleaner, we are being told to clean more square footage with less staff and less money. This can seem to be an unsurmountable task and is very frustrating for the supervisor and employees trying to complete their jobs. The majority of the cost of cleaning is typically in the labor which can be reduced if you utilize the right equipment. With today’s technology of applicators, robot cleaners, and auto scrubbers, I still see staff mopping with bulky mops, spray buffing corridor floors with a 175 RPM machine, and using string mops for finish application. These methods are a thing of the past. We need to step up our game and utilize the newest technology to keep up in this business. I understand that many facilities do not want to spend the money up front for new equipment, but as leaders in our field we have to make them understand that this change will not only help get our job completed with the results we need but also save money in the long run. Even if you cannot afford the larger equipment, consider acquiring walk-behind scrubbers, backpack vacuums, microfiber flat mops, sweepers, and battery operated self-propelled burnishers. These can make a huge difference in your team’s productivity and your bottom line.

Below are a few examples of Automatic and Manual equipment use per 1,000 sq/ft.

Vacuum with 14" Upright Vacuum- 21 minutes- 2,857 square feet per hour
Vacuum with 28" Large Area Push-Type Vacuum-7.5 minutes- 8,000 square feet per hour
Backpack vacuum 16”- 8 minutes-7,500 square feet per hour

Dust mop with 36" Mop using Dust Treatment Chemical- 4.80 minutes - 12,500 square feet per hour
Dust mop with 63" Riding Machine Mop– 30 seconds - 200,000 square feet per hour

Damp mop with 16oz. mop head, using a single bucket wringer- 14.40 minutes
Damp mop with 18" microfiber flat, break mop holder, using double-sided bucket and open-base wringer- 2.52 minutes

Scrub with Automatic Scrubber Scrub with 20", wheel-propelled- 3 minutes- 20,000 square feet per hour
Scrub with Automatic Scrubber 36” Rider-1.21 minutes- 49,587square feet per hour

Applying floor finish using a mop- 36 minutes -1,667 square feet per hour
Applying floor finish using a backpack applicator with a flat microfiber mop- 9.5 minutes- 6,316 square feet per hour

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