The Importance of Training

When I walk through any facility, I am like many of my environmental services colleagues. No matter where I am, I observe what others may not always see. Are the vents clean in the restaurant above the eating or cooking area? Is there buildup in the corners of the doctor’s office or school classroom? Is dust building up on the edge of the carpet in a hotel room? How is the cleaning staff performing their daily duties? Some may not notice or even consider many of these issues to be a big deal, but if left unaddressed they can become a real problem. One simple way to avoid these issues is training.

Training is the most essential part of ensuring consistent and proper cleaning procedures. It communicates what is expected of your staff, increases job satisfaction, sharpens skills, and contributes to financial gain and efficiency in the workplace. All members of your team including supervisors should be trained on all aspects of their work duties. No matter how long someone has been on the job, you must evaluate their knowledge to ensure they are performing tasks accurately, safely, and efficiently. Sometimes a small deviation from the correct policy or procedure can cause illness or injury.

I recommend training managers first, then the frontline staff. This guarantees there is consistency in what both are being taught and also ensures that each supervisor is following the same training protocol set up for the department. 

Training should be documented, dated and signed by the trainee and manager to ensure accountability for all work performed? Training should be reviewed each year with the employee to make certain they are following the proper procedures to complete their job correctly on a daily basis. 

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