Tips for Building an Effective Team

By Jim Ronchi, Project Manager

Usually I discuss tips for cleaning areas in a hospital, office or school, but today I want to focus on the people that get it done. Your team.

Many times I have heard this place would be so much cleaner if I had better people, if they were more motivated, if they listened. Maybe your staff wants to be better but are not getting what they need from you. Sometimes we are so busy we neglect our team without realizing it. We become robots, just concentrating on getting our own tasks done without taking into consideration who is feeling the brunt of our actions. How many of you have walked up to your staff, told them to get something done, but never stopped to tell them why it has to be completed right away or what a good job they have been doing or asked them how their day is going. It happens to all of us, but if we are going to have a productive team here are some tips that may help us.

  1. Listen, Listen and Listen some more. Your staff are in the trenches every day. They know what goes on around them. Be open to their suggestions. Inspire their trust. Show them that you believe in their ability to get things done. Never promise something that you can’t deliver.
  2. Their purpose - Communicate with them, give them the why of their job. Involve them in the jobs purpose. This will allow the team to fully understand and also allows for you to see their creativity, and resourcefulness in working towards the mission and goals.
  3. Recognize and acknowledge the positive things they do. This is one of the top reasons people are not happy or leave their jobs. It is even higher than salary according to Forbes. People want to be recognized as valued collaborators not viewed as production units. Let them know they are an asset and what would happen if they were not there. Always emphasize the positives.
  4. Each person has value, this is a combination of the other three. When you inspire trust, share a common purpose you make people feel empowered. They will then show off their talent and creativity.

A Team is…
A group of people with a high degree of interdependence geared toward the achievement of a goal or completion of a task. In other words, they agree on a goal and agree that the only way to achieve the goal is to work together.
Glenn M. Parker

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