Why Entrance Mats Are Important

With winter upon us, leaves are blowing throughout the streets and ice melt is already being spread outside your facility and on your entrance floors. That's why quality entrance mats will be the most essential tool you have in keeping your floors looking good. They should be utilized in every entrance of your building and directly outside its entrance points.

Why entrance mats are important:

  • 80-90% of dirt comes in via foot traffic.
  • A single grain of sand can act like 32 grit sandpaper on your floors.


  • Entrance mats should be long enough for a person to walk at least 8 steps before hitting the floor for them to be fully effective.
  • Entrance mats must be vacuumed on a routine basis.
  • Make sure you have a quality mat as a neglected entrance mat could actually help transport dirt into your building.
  • The amount of floor cleaning you will have to do will depend upon the effectiveness of your entrance mats.
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