Change Your Mind On Neurosurgery With These 8 FAQs   
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Change Your Mind On Neurosurgery With These 8 FAQs

August 07, 2018

By Brianna McCabe

Did you know that August is recognized as Neurosurgery Awareness Month?

The American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS) dedicates this month as an observance of the significant role of neurosurgeons in providing care to patients with conditions of the brain, spine, and peripheral nervous system.

But what exactly does this mean? After all, what is a neurosurgeon and when would someone need to potentially consider seeking care from one?

Howard Eisenbrock, D.O., a board certified neurosurgeon at Hackensack Meridian Health Medical Group – Neurosurgical and Spine Specialists, let us ‘pick his brain’ on some commonly asked questions:

1. What is neurosurgery?

When people think of the word “neurosurgery,” many tend to associate it with just being brain surgery – but the specialty encompasses much more! Neurosurgery is the treatment of brain, spinal, and peripheral nervous system, which includes all nerves that lie outside of the central nervous system.

2. Who sees a neurosurgeon?

Neurosurgeons offer expertise in the consultation, diagnosis, and treatment for back, neck, brain, and peripheral nerve problems and conditions. In addition to traditional surgery, many neurosurgeons are experienced in performing minimally invasive surgery and utilizing non-surgical treatment options.

3. What are some other services that you offer?

Neurosurgeons are highly specialized experts who treat a wide variety of neurological issues. At our practice, we treat the following:

Brain tumors, both malignant and benign

Spinal stenosis

Spinal cord tumors

Disc herniation

Traumatic brain injuries

Spinal trauma

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Chiari malformation

Failed back syndrome

Functional neurosurgery


Pituitary tumors


Tethered cord

Worker’s compensation and motor vehicle injuries

4. I have been referred to a neurosurgeon… does that mean that I need an operation or surgery?

It’s a possibility, but it’s not definite! In fact, many conditions can be managed without surgery. However, if surgery is recommended or needed, we take the time to discuss the potential risks and outcomes with our patients, as well as offer alternative solutions.

5. What should I bring to my first appointment with a neurosurgeon?

Patients need to bring any MRI scans, CT scans, x-ray studies, and/or other imaging tests in addition to any physician or hospital records within the last six months related to the brain or spine.

6. How long will my appointment take?

It’s hard to say, as each patient has a different need!

7. I’m undergoing surgery… what should I expect regarding the level of care that I receive?

At our practice, our team of neurosurgeons collaborate with other members of our health care network to support and guide patients through an individualized, patient-centered care experience.

Our patients are at the center of their own health: we are committed to encouraging an open dialogue, familiarizing ourselves with each patient, and coordinating care to optimize health outcomes. Patients can feel confident that they will have a team of dedicated experts striving for excellence surrounding them.

8. Anything else I might want to know?

Don’t be afraid to ask us any questions along the way!

Dr. Eisenbrock practices at Hackensack Meridian Health Medical Group – Neurosurgical and Spine Specialists in Red Bank, NJ (65 Mechanic Street, Suite 105). If you or a loved one would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Eisenbrock, call 732-268-7130.

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