Education Modalities

In our Emergency Medicine program at Hackensack University Medical Center, our commitment to education extends beyond the on-shift clinical teaching of our trainees. We have built a robust curriculum that covers the diverse topics in Emergency Medicine and offer various opportunities for residents to learn outside of the department.

Weekly Conference: Our conference curriculum consists of 5 hours of didactic instruction each week. The interactive instruction includes core EM lectures, as well as longitudinal curricula that cover M&M, ultrasound, pharmacology, research, diversity and inclusion, wellness and more. Lectures are presented by EM faculty, ED PharmD, regional guest speakers and residents.

Morning Report: In addition to on-shift instruction, we have protected a half hour of morning didactics within the department. 

Monthly Journal Club: Journal club is held monthly in a social setting and is an opportunity for faculty and residents to engage and discuss current evidence behind EM practice. 

Simulation: Residents are provided dedicated simulation time during conference to complete case scenarios and improve procedural skills, among other things. Multidisciplinary In-Situ Simulations are held twice weekly in the department, allowing residents to learn how to build interprofessional relationships, prevent medical errors, and improve delivery patient care.

Regional didactics: Our residents are encouraged to attend and present at regional conferences to access additional educational opportunities and participate in professional networking. Our residents attend many conferences including ALLNYCEM, NYACEP Career Day, and ACEP. Conference attendance is sponsored by the program.

Professional Development

Our program prioritizes the personal and professional growth of our residents by offering trainees opportunities to tap into departmental and organizational resources. 

Individual Learning Plans: We understand that no one learner is identical and guide our residents in creating customized learning plans that meet their personal and professional goals of residency.

Mentorship: Every resident is given one on one mentorship.  We do believe that these relationships should grow organically and continue well past residency. To accomplish this, we encourage our residents to get to know our faculty within their first few months and then select who they would like to be their mentor.


We know that residency inherently creates risk for burnout in each learner, and have incorporated robust initiatives to help our residents. It is important to us to provide residents with the necessary tools to succeed in residency and maintain longevity in the careers that they have invested in so heavily.

Wellness Curriculum: This longitudinal curriculum is built into our conference didactic instruction. Lectures cover various topics including crisis management, self care topics, sharing bad news, disclosing mistakes and financial well-being.

Team Bonding Days are built into the academic year.  Residents and faculty gather and spend the day together.  Past activities have included BBQs at the park, ski trips, and spa day trips.

Hackensack Families: What is better than a little family competition? Residents and faculty form ‘Hackensack families’ as soon as they join our team. Families engage in social activities and some friendly competition with other Hackensack families. 

Network-wide Resources: Hackensack Meridian Health offers various resources, including a free well-being index survey to consistently measure a trainee’s level of stress and identify early warning signs of burnout and fatigue. In addition to the well-being index survey, Hackensack Meridian provides employees with free behavioral health sessions with therapists to address mental health needs, assistance with finding child care and many more resources.

HackensackUMC Fitness & Wellness Center is one of the largest in the state and offers nutritional counseling, an aquatic center, weekly fitness classes, and more. An incentive for consistent attendance is offered to Hackensack Meridian Health employees in addition to the reduced monthly rate.

Diversity and Inclusion

Hackensack Meridian Health is dedicated to creating an inclusive environment that delivers culturally-competent patient-centered care. We as the Hackensack University Medical Center Emergency Medicine Residency program have an aligned purpose with Hackensack Meridian Diversity and Inclusion goals. Our goal is to promote inclusion in our program, in patient care, and interprofessionally. We aim to educate providers and trainees about historical inequities in American health care, disparities in health care outcomes, and practice in an inclusive and equitable manner.

Committee: Our Diversity and Inclusion Committee is made up of EM residents, EM faculty, and associates of faculty and residents who express interest in committee activities. The Diversity and Inclusion committee meets monthly to discuss various topics and opportunities to address departmental and organizational needs.

Annual Diversity and Inclusion Conference: Our Diversity and Inclusion committee presents a formal annual conference where regional and national speakers present lectures on important topics related to promoting inclusivity and diversity in health care and the workplace.

Humanism in Medicine: In line with our commitment to educating our trainees about inclusivity and delivering culturally competent care, our program instituted a longitudinal Diversity and Inclusion curriculum built into our conference instruction called Humanistic Medicine. Lecture topics previously covered include: microaggressions in medicine, LGBTQIA+, and the impact of equity.

Scholarship: The Rotation Scholarship for Underrepresented Students at Hackensack University Medical Center provides financial assistance to fourth year medical students who are applying for an elective Emergency Medicine rotation. The scholarship provides a $2,000 stipend to help offset rotation living expenses for students not affiliated with Hackensack University Medical Center. This opportunity offers students mentorship opportunities from successful faculty members with expertise in social justice and diversity issues. Students will also benefit from rotating in our high acuity emergency department that cares for a diverse patient population. This is a competitive, merit-based scholarship that is reserved for a few select students per year.  Recipients are selected by the Diversity & Inclusion Committee. For eligibility and application process please click here.

Education Modalities - Emergency Medicine Residency

Education Modalities - Emergency Medicine Residency

Professional Development - Emergency Medicine Residency

Wellness - Emergency Medicine Residency

Wellness - Emergency Medicine Residency
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