Behavioral Health and Psychiatry 

Behavioral health, mental health, and psychiatry – these are all related terms for emotional health and well-being. It is long overdue that society treated these issues like any other medical condition, and removed the fear and stigma about discussing them or seeking care. At Hackensack Meridian Health, we believe it is important that people feel comfortable discussing issues of concern in a safe and supportive environment. It is what you, your loved ones, our neighbors, and communities deserve.

Our services and capabilities include:

  • Inpatient services for acute mental health issues
  • Inpatient addiction detox/rehab recovery at Blake Recovery Center (at Carrier Clinic)
  • Comprehensive outpatient services (Intensive Outpatient Program and traditional Outpatient services)
  • A 296-bed dedicated Behavioral Health hospital at Carrier Clinic
  • Specialized programs and care for opioid, alcohol, substance abuse, and addiction
  • Treatment for depression, stress, anxiety and mood disorders
  • Child, adolescent, and family services
  • Geriatric and caregiver programs and support
  • A school and residential facility for troubled teens and adolescents (East Mountain Lodge and East Mountain School)
  • Emergency psychiatric services in network Emergency Departments

A Dedicated Behavioral Health Hospital

Hackensack Meridian Carrier Clinic is the leader in specialized behavioral health care in New Jersey. Carrier Clinic’s campus includes Blake Recovery Center, a nationally recognized inpatient addiction treatment center, East Mountain Lodge, an adolescent and teen residential treatment program for ages 13-18 with psychiatric and/or emotional difficulties and East Mountain School, a special education school for adolescents challenged by behavioral or psychiatric disorders.

Why Choose Hackensack Meridian Health for Behavioral Health Services

Behavioral Health

Our experienced team, which includes skilled professionals and distinguished psychiatrists who’ve been recognized as “Top Docs” in New Jersey, can provide relief for patients from children to older adults and their families at times when mental illness, emotional difficulties, addiction or other issues arise.

Patient Story

“I really want to share my story, because there is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about for anyone suffering from a mental health related illness. Our pain is as real as the cancer patient’s, stroke or heart attack survivor’s, and there are extraordinary and innovative therapies available that can change your life. Sometimes I think the hardest part of seeking help may be overcoming the fear of ‘what will my friends or colleagues think.’” -Josh Binn, Hackensack, NJ

Josh Binn
Our Doctors

Our experienced team includes skilled professionals and distinguished psychiatrists who’ve been recognized as “Top Docs” in New Jersey.

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