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Internal Medicine Residency

A Welcome Message from the Program Director

A Personalized Educational Experience

Mayer EzerI joined the internal medicine residency program at Raritan Bay Medical Center in 2018 and I am very excited about what we have accomplished. We have started to distinguish our program by creating a personalized residency experience. Personalization and customization is not a new concept in the medical field. We strive to provide our patients with personalized medical plans and patient centered medical care. There is no reason we can’t do so in medical education.

A few years ago the ACGME broadened the rules that govern graduate medical education. They left a lot of flexibility for programs to innovate and revamp curriculum and education, an acknowledgement that “one size fits all” just doesn’t always work. We are using this opportunity at Raritan Bay Medical Center to innovate and personalize your residency experience.

I joined the program with over 20 years of Graduate Medical Education experience. Prior to my arrival at Raritan Bay Medical Center, I was program director at our sister institution for seven years. During that time I saw what was needed in order to create a successful program where our residents can flourish and fulfil their potential. Raritan Bay Medical Center has all the prerequisites needed to allow for innovation and advancement, personalized around each of our individual residents.

First, we are a small program. We have eight residents per year which allows for easy communication between program administration, hospital leadership and the residents. This creates the perfect environment to start personalizing your residency experience. There are fewer barriers to change in a smaller residency program.

Second, we have all the resources necessary. Raritan Bay Medical Center is part of one of the most expansive, successful, and respected hospital networks in the country, Hackensack Meridian Health. With a continuum of care within the network, academic and university level resources at our disposal, faculty dedicated to the education process and leadership which values education, we are ahead of the curve in providing the best educational and patient experience possible.

We are also partners in the creation of a new medical school, Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine. The new medical school is designed to mirror how health care will be delivered in the future. With an innovative and visionary curriculum it is also aligned with a customized learning experience, allowing medical students to choose a path during their 4th year of medical school based on individual interest. The inaugural class started July, 2018 and the expectation is that we will see these medical students rotating at Raritan Bay Medical Center starting December 2020..

These are exciting times in health care and medical education and I invite you to continue your journey at Raritan Bay Medical Center where we will prepare you for your future career in medicine. Whether your interest is in primary care, fellowship training, medical administration, population health, academics or other, we will work to customize your experience with a team of educators as you become a part of the Hackensack Meridian Health Family.

Thank you.

Mayer Ezer, M.D., FACP
Internal Medicine Program Director
Hackensack Meridian Health at Raritan Bay Medical Center
Vice Chair and Associate Professor of Medicine Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine

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