Can regular mouthwash use increase diabetes risk?   
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Can regular mouthwash use increase diabetes risk?

June 08, 2018

If you use mouthwash more than once a day, cutting back may reduce diabetes risk, according to a recent study. The study followed more than 900 overweight or obese men and women for three years. Researchers found that those who used mouthwash twice or more a day were 55 percent more likely to develop diabetes or prediabetes than those who used it less often. They were 49 percent more likely to develop these conditions than those who didn’t use mouthwash at all. The researchers believe antibacterial ingredients in mouthwash may kill helpful bacteria in the mouth that help regulate body systems. “Mouthwash may help prevent gum disease and reduce dental plaque, but limit its use to once a day,” says Jennifer Cheng, D.O., endocrinologist at Jersey Shore University Medical Center. “Talk with your dentist for other ways to protect your dental health and your primary care provider regarding reducing risk for diabetes and prediabetes.”

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