6 Ways You Can Help Health Care Workers During COVID Outbreak   
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6 Ways You Can Help Health Care Workers During COVID Outbreak

The days are long, emotional and unpredictable, but health care workers across the globe are using all of their strength to protect the community against the COVID-19 outbreak. The outpouring of support and gratitude from the community is one thing that keeps health care workers going.

Wondering how you can help?

Funnel Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Donations Appropriately

Requests for PPE donations are spreading across social media. Donations, no matter how small, can add up to make a difference. We are joining the state’s call and asking community members who wish to donate supplies to e-mail PPEdonations@NJSP.org instead of contacting your local hospital. The state’s Office of Emergency Management is coordinating donations on behalf of health care providers throughout the state and is best equipped to organize this effort.

Stay Home

Photos of caregivers holding signs that say “I stayed at work for you, you stay home for us” are popping up everywhere. Please take this message seriously. The faster we follow strict instructions on social distancing, the faster we will be able to get back to being with friends and family.

Know When to Go to the Emergency Department (ED)

One of the biggest challenges for health care workers right now is the surge of patients in need of critical care and the availability of staff and space to take care of them. Many of these patients come in through the ED. One way to help health care workers is to avoid unnecessary trips to the ED, freeing up people and space to take care of those with the greatest need. Think you have COVID-19 and don’t know what to do next? This article helps explain. Have non COVID-19 related health issues? This article helps explain when to go to the emergency department.

Make a Monetary Donation:

Making a donation to one of Hackensack Meridian Health’s foundations is one of the easiest and most effective ways to help health care workers during this challenging time. Each of our not-for-profit hospitals have their own Foundation and local COVID-19 relief fund, so you can donate directly to the hospital that means the most to you.

Call Urgent Care & Primary Care Offices Before Going In

Making the call first helps health care workers appropriately prepare for potential exposure to COVID-19, while also protecting the patient from unnecessary exposure. Additionally, many Hackensack Meridian Health primary care physicians and specialists are working to provide video visits to patients for routine appointments. Having a video visit rather than an in-office visit reduces patient’s and caregiver’s potential exposure to illness. Patients should call their physician’s office directly to learn more about their video visit capabilities or can search for a provider on HMHMGDirectory.org.

Send Messages of Gratitude & Support

If you know a health care worker, reach out to share your thanks and give them your support. Many people are working overtime and share the same struggles that everyone has right now, especially when it comes to childcare or getting necessary food and supplies. Offer to help any way you can. It really does mean a lot. You can also share a message for health care workers on Hackensack Meridian Health’s social media accounts so they know you are thinking of them.

Next Steps?

Make a donation to your local hospital.

Leave a comment for the care team on Hackensack Meridian Health’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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