Maintaining Your Fitness Goals with Wearables   

Maintaining Your Fitness Goals with Wearables

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Audio headbands

Don’t like the idea of having something in your ears while you work out? Audio headbands are comfortable to wear and use a moisture-wicking material to absorb sweat for a comfortable all-around sound experience while working out.


A wide range of smartwatches is available to track your steps and the number of miles you run or walk, as well as monitor stress, heart rate and even sleep patterns. The latest smartwatches are water-resistant and can connect to your favorite fitness apps, stream music, track calories burned and remind you to stand up if you’ve been sitting down for an extended period of time.

Sensor clips

For avid runners, sensor clips can improve the accuracy of the measured distance or rhythm of your run. Sensor clips attach to your clothing and, via a connection to a phone app, can track cadence, stride and bounce while you run on a treadmill or outdoors.

Fitness tracker rings

One of the latest additions to wearable technology, fitness tracker rings are lightweight devices worn like any other ring and can track activity, sleep and heart rate. Some products even allow you to set fitness goals and track against them.

Smart clothing

Smart or high-tech clothing are clothes that have been enhanced with technology to add functionality beyond the traditional use. Smart T-shirts are available to connect to a smartphone and track heart rate, breathing depth, balance and more. For yoga enthusiasts, smart leggings connect to a smartphone app and give feedback about whether you’re in the right position.

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