Common Rashes in Kids & What to Do   

Common Rashes in Kids & What to Do

Common kid's rashes
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Tanni Farook, M.D.

While a baby's skin is soft and supple, it’s very common for babies and children to experience rashes and skin irritation.

“Because your skin tends to be more sensitive when you’re younger, especially in your first couple years of life, it’s common, even expected, that you’ll see skin irritation and rashes in children,” shares pediatrician Tanni Farook, M.D. “The most common rashes are eczema, skin sensitivity, contact dermatitis, poison ivy, bug bite rashes and viral rashes,” adds Dr. Farook. 

Broken down by age group, Dr. Farook explains the most common rashes and their treatments.

Common kid's rashes Infographic

Common kid's rashes Infographic

Common kid's rashes Infographic

When to contact the pediatrician for a rash

“We tell parents they can always call if they are unsure about a rash or need another opinion,” shares Dr. Farook. 

“Telemedicine has been a great tool, especially during COVID, but it can be difficult to discern what’s going on from a photo or video. A lot of the time, rashes are something you should feel. Is it elevated, swollen, warm or bumpy? Pictures can’t always capture that so it’s best to be seen in person for a rash,” adds Dr. Farook. 

When to go to the ER for a rash

“If your child is experiencing hives, swelling and shortness of breath, they may be having an allergic reaction,” explains Dr. Farook. “Give them Benadryl, call 911 and go to the ER right away.” 

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