Quiz: Are you Making Heart-Healthy Food Choices?   

Quiz: Are you Making Heart-Healthy Food Choices?

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Are you making the most heart-friendly food choices? Take our quiz to find out.

  1. Which type of fat is considered heart-healthy?
  1. Saturated fat 
  2. Trans fat 
  3. Monounsaturated fat 

  1. What is the recommended daily limit of sodium you should get each day?
  1. 1,500 mg
  2. 2,500 mg 
  3. 3,000 mg 

  1. Which type of protein is healthiest for your heart?
  1. Red meat 
  2. Chicken with skin 
  3. Fish

  1. How many servings of fruits and vegetables should you consume each day for heart health?
  1. 1–2 servings 
  2. 4–5 servings 
  3. 7–8 servings

  1. Which cooking method is healthier for your heart?
  1. Frying 
  2. Baking
  3. Deep-frying 


  1. C. Monounsaturated fat

Saturated and trans fats raise levels of the “bad” cholesterol, while monounsaturated fats are good for your heart.

  1. A. 1,500 mg

The American Heart Association recommends no more than 2,300 mg a day, but ideally a limit of 1,500 mg of sodium daily.

  1. C. Fish

Fish—especially tuna and salmon—is one of the best proteins to help prevent heart disease. 

  1. B. 4–5 servings

The American Heart Association recommends getting four to five servings of fruits and vegetables a day to increase heart health.

  1. B. Baking

Frying usually involves four, salt and fat, which aren’t good for your heart. Instead, trybaking, broiling or steaming.

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