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Hackensack University Medical Center Provides Interprofessional Care for Headache, Migraine and Facial Pain

Center offers on-site medication infusions and injections, counseling psychologists and fellowship-trained headache specialists

Interprofessional Care

The Headache Center at the Neuroscience Institute at Hackensack University Medical Center provides interprofessional care for adult patients experiencing headache, migraine or facial pain.

Neurologists serving the center are board-certified, fellowship-trained headache medicine specialists, and led by Director Regina Krel, M.D., assistant professor of Neurology at Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine and the only neurologist in New Jersey to be a fellow of the American Headache Society. The team also includes two in-house psychologists dedicated to assisting patients in managing headaches and other neurological conditions.

“Headaches are multifactorial, and our interprofessional treatment approach gives patients the best chance of a positive outcome by addressing the physical, emotional and lifestyle factors that may be contributing to headache,” says Hao Huang, M.D., assistant professor of Neurology at Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine and headache specialist at the center.

Through comprehensive assessment, the center’s clinicians work with patients to fully evaluate their condition and develop a customized treatment plan, which may include medications or neuromodulation using noninvasive, non-pharmacologic devices and other pain management techniques, such as Botox® injections, nerve blocks and trigger point injections. Patients also have access to an in-clinic infusion center to receive acute headache treatment without a visit to the emergency department.

The center’s approach supports lifestyle changes, such as modifications to exercise, nutrition, hydration, stress management and sleep habits, with support from a team of Hackensack Meridian Health experts. And, psychological counseling helps patients identify headache triggers, improve health habits, reduce the impact of stress, depression and anxiety on their life and condition, and manage the emotional impact of recurrent and chronic pain.

Rehabilitation and physical therapy is also available for patients experiencing headache after a concussion or traumatic brain injury, or whose headache may be caused by musculoskeletal problems, and the center facilitates seamless referrals to other services within the Hackensack Meridian Health network.

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