Helena Theurer Pavilion   

Helena Theurer Pavilion: New Jersey’s State-of-the-Art Destination for Innovative Orthopedic Care

Innovative facility at Hackensack University Medical Center offers orthopedic surgery robots, private rooms and smart technology

Helena Theruer Pavilion

Hackensack University Medical Center’s nationally and internationally recognized orthopedic program now has a new home at the Helena Theurer Pavilion—a new, 530,000-square-foot, nine-story surgical and critical care tower on the hospital’s main campus that is raising the bar on patient care excellence in the New York metropolitan area.

From the moment patients step into the Pavilion—whether for orthopedic care or another specialty procedure—they have access to “smart hospital” technology. The Pavilion’s orthopedic operating rooms are specially equipped to house four of the latest robotic joint replacement systems and innovative telecommunications technology that enables surgeons to educate students and colleagues around the world.

“We have a robust, long-standing robotics program, and the Pavilion gives us a space where we can deliver innovative orthopedic care and advance the field of robotic orthopedic surgery through education,” said Yair Kissin, M.D., interim co-chair of the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at Hackensack University Medical Center.

“At the Pavilion, you feel like you’re operating in the future,” said Gregg Klein, M.D., interim co-chair of the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at Hackensack University Medical Center. “Digitally, electronically and robotically, it’s a modern way to deliver care.”

After surgery, patients stay in spacious private rooms equipped with the latest technology, including an in-room tablet at the bedside that allows patients to control the lights, shades, TV and room temperature. These “recovery suites” also have a flat-screen TV with patient education modules, translation services and family-friendly video chat capabilities.

Created with multidisciplinary input from physicians, nurses and others involved in care delivery and support, the new inpatient unit fosters more informed, shared decision making. An electronic whiteboard is embedded in the large screen TV, which can be pulled up on demand and provides access to the electronic medical record. This allows clinicians the ability to review immediate results with patients, such as labs and post-surgery x-rays. The new Musculoskeletal Institute improves efficiency and leads to increased patient satisfaction.

“The Pavilion is a destination for orthopedic care and innovation in the region,” said Dr. Kissin. “The entire environment makes people feel comfortable and cared for—and as a result, they feel healthier, get out of bed faster and recover better after orthopedic surgery.”

View a virtual tour of the Helena Theurer Pavilion.

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