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Doctors Join Presidential Task Force to Advance Women Physicians in Academic Physiatry

JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute’s Dr. Sara Cuccurullo and Dr. Talya Fleming Work to Support the Academic Careers of Women in Academic Physiatrists

In 2016, the Association of Academic Physiatrists (AAP) organized a presidential task force to identify priority areas, needs, existing resources, opportunities, barriers, and other issues related to achieving the goal of advancing the careers of women in physiatry. Dr. Sara Cuccurullo now serves as the Chair of the Task Force and Dr. Talya is a member.

Examples of categories examined included leadership positions (i.e., board membership, board presidents, committee membership, committee chairs, and resident fellow physician chairs), conference presentations (i.e., annual meeting session proposals, annual meeting faculty, annual meeting plenary speakers), and recognition awards (i.e., recognition award nominations and recipients). The findings highlight areas in which the AAP has been successful in supporting gender equity and other areas in which women physiatrists have been underrepresented. The task force worked with the Board of Trustees to construct an action plan, asking the respective committees to address areas of underrepresentation.

The board plans to transparently report progress to members and other stakeholders, and the task force aims to publish a follow-up report within the next two years.

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