Hackensack University Medical Center Implements Surgical Telepresence for Da Vinci Single Port   

Hackensack University Medical Center Implements Surgical Telepresence for Da Vinci Single Port

One of the first telepresence programs in the Northeast U.S. to teach doctors worldwide how to perform single-port robotic procedures

First NE Surgical Telepresence

Hackensack University Medical Center is one of the first in the Northeast region to implement surgical telepresence activity with the da Vinci Single Port (SP), a robotic-assisted system designed for narrow surgical procedures.

Telepresence with the Single Port is a new program by Intuitive that is currently being rolled out to hospitals globally, and is used as a teaching, mentorship and case observation tool.

Dr. Mutahar Ahmed, Director, Urologic Bladder Cancer, and Dr. Michael Stifelman, Chair of Urology and Director of Robotic Surgery at Hackensack University Medical Center, recently began using the telepresence program to teach doctors across the world how to perform single-port procedures.

The innovative telepresence and telementoring service allows surgeons to collaborate in real time on procedures where they are able to connect with the experts in specific procedures, receive peer affirmation and reinforcement during live da Vinci procedures and shorten the learning curve with less frustrations and plateaus.

“This is a unique and exciting time for us. The innovative telemonitoring system is a key piece of training technology, allowing for collaboration in real time. By implementing surgical telepresence at the hospital, we’ve created an opportunity for mentorship and physician development within the surgical field of Single Port Robotics,” said Dr. Stifelman.

With a recent grant, Drs. Stifelman, Mutahar and team will implement a 2-day training course in September for residents and fellows that includes the use of surgical telepresence with the da Vinci Single Port (SP). The local team at Hackensack University Medical Center has already secured the SP mobile system for hands-on rotations on the hydrogel models produced by the University of Rochester.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to teach a far less invasive surgical approach to countless surgeons around the world in the comfort of their own facilities,” explained Dr. Ahmed. “These physicians learn about the benefits of utilizing only one incision—including lower morbidity associated with elimination of multiple ports, shorter length of hospital stay, and better cosmetic looking incision—without having to waste time traveling; it’s a much more convenient way of teaching.”

While other da Vinci instruments include multi-quadrant access, the da Vinci SP involves only a single arm that delivers three multi-jointed instruments, making it an innovative, dynamic instrument for narrow, deep spaces. A single, small incision helps surgeons perform more complex procedures in a minimally invasive way, resulting in less pain and fewer complications.

Learn more about innovative urological care at Hackensack University Medical Center.

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