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Research and collaborations drives innovative urology techniques, testing and learning.

New protocols for prostate and diagnostic UTI tests among achievements.

The Department of Urology at Hackensack University Medical Center conducts clinical research each year that leads to numerous reports in peer-reviewed publications as well as presentations at prestigious medical and surgical convocations. To-date we have presented and published more than 500 original abstracts and manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals.

Our additional focus on collaboration with the Hackensack Meridian Health Center for Discovery & Innovation and the Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine has resulted in transformative translational research such as new cancer biomarkers for prostate cancer and development of new methods and diagnostic tests for managing resistant bacteria from the urinary tract. Multi-institutional research is also conducted with the Cleveland Clinic, NYU, Mt. Sinai and Temple.

Collaboration and cooperation has also resulted in a partnership with the top 20 hospitals in the country to share data in real time so that we can better understand what protocols and treatments are achieving the greatest success.

Research grants include:

  • Dr. Koo, $35,000 from New Jersey Health Foundation, Inc.
    Nanofiber based scaffolds for cavernous nerve regeneration
  • Dr. Stifelman, $30,000 from Boston Scientific
    Urology Development
  • Dr. Stifelman, $25,000 from Conmed
    Urology Research and Development
  • Dr. Stifelman, $30,000 from Boston Scientific
    Urology Fellowship Fund

Specific areas of collaboration include:

  • IRB protocols for Prostate, Kidney, and Bladder Cancer, Urinary reconstruction, Recurrent UTI among others
  • Multi-disciplinary research – Radiology
  • 3-D reconstruction kidney cancer
  • Use of MRI in prostate cancer to diagnose & stage cancer, CDI – Prostazone study (Loudig)
  • Better identify & manage recurrent UTI infections JTCC
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