Back on the Job after Minimally Invasive Brain Tumor Treatment

Eliano Mosquita

February 20, 2023

When construction worker Eliano Mesquita, 42, of Jackson, New Jersey, was leaving a job site on October 22, 2022, he noticed he was starting to develop a headache. By the time he got on the nearby highway, he was in so much pain that he had to pull over.

“I called my wife, told her I wasn’t feeling well, skipped my second job that day and drove straight home,” says Eliano. “When my wife saw how much pain I was in, she took me to the emergency room.”

Heading to Jersey Shore University Medical Center proved to be a life-saving decision for Eliano, who was diagnosed with a right frontal brain tumor and underwent brain surgery three days later.

Staying Positive after a Serious Diagnosis

When he arrived at Jersey Shore University Medical Center, Eliano told his doctors that he had previously been diagnosed with a low-grade glioma in 2014 after sustaining a head injury during an indoor soccer game. Images taken at that time showed a low-grade glioma (LGG). LGGs are slow-growing tumors, and Eliano had several imaging scans to monitor the tumor over the years.

Considering Eliano’s previous diagnosis, his doctors immediately ordered a CT scan and an MRI, which revealed that the tumor had changed to a high-grade glioma — an aggressive, fast-growing tumor that required surgical treatment.

“When I heard the news and saw all the doctors standing outside my room, I was scared, but I tried to stay positive for my wife and three daughters,” says Eliano.

Nitesh Patel, M.D.,a fellowship-trained neurosurgeon and co-director of the Neurosurgical Oncology Program at Jersey Shore University Medical Center, did his best to put Eliano at ease.

Dr. Patel met with Eliano in the hospital and explained that, due to the tumor’s location, he could perform the surgery using minimally invasive surgical techniques — making only a small incision and shaving only a small amount of hair. Dr. Patel told Eliano that while he was in the hospital, the nursing team would follow a set of protocols called Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) to help him recover quickly and safely after his surgery.

“Right after surgery, I remember the nurse coming over to help me walk around, and two days later I was feeling good and ready to go home,” says Eliano. “I only had a small bandage from the incision and Dr. Patel hardly shaved any of my hair — it didn’t even look like I had brain surgery!”

Returning to His Family and Career

Eliano was discharged from the hospital to home, with no rehabilitation required — just in time to celebrate his birthday with his family.

“I was so happy to be home with my wife and daughters,” says Eliano. “A week after surgery, I was back at the job site — although my wife drove me — and I was driving again after two weeks.”

Three weeks after surgery, Eliano started radiation therapy under the direction of Douglas Miller, M.D., and chemotherapy treatment under the direction of Eduardo Correia, M.D. Dr. Correia is fluent in Portuguese, which is Eliano’s native language.

“My doctors made me feel so comfortable,” said Eliano. “I’m from Brazil, so it was great to be able to speak to Dr. Correia in my native language — it felt just like home.”

Today, Eliano is grateful for the care he received at Jersey Shore University Medical Center, which returned him to his family and his career.

“I got lucky with the right doctors at the right hospital,” says Eliano. “My care has been amazing, and I am very happy with my entire team.”

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