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Family Intervention for Addiction

Even when one family member is addicted to alcohol or drugs, the entire family is affected. Without the proper help and support, your family can suffer effects that may last a lifetime.

At Blake Recovery Center™, a recovery center for the chemically dependent, we believe that family intervention is essential in every patient’s recovery. That’s why we conduct educational and family group counseling sessions in our special weekend programs that focus on family interaction. Here the patient and his or her family members, whether a wife, husband, child, sister, brother, mother or father, are given the opportunity to understand addiction, communicate about their feelings, and start to heal in a safe, caring environment. While alcoholism and drug addiction can cause isolation, guilt, and shame in the person with the addiction, family members must also realize that they themselves may need help and a place to discuss their feelings openly.

For more information on our Family Support Programs, please call the Community Relations Department at 908-281-1513.

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