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Hackensack Meridian Urgent Care PLUS

Our Hackensack Meridian Urgent Care PLUS locations offer expanded capabilities to treat higher acuity patients of all ages, as well as the same range of services you would expect from traditional Urgent Care. 

Everyday emergencies happen to us all, and our Urgent Care PLUS locations are ready to provide high-quality, expert care when you and your family need it most.

Why Choose Hackensack Meridian Urgent Care PLUS?

Each facility is staffed by board certified emergency physicians and supported by a professional nursing and support staff with emergency and critical care experience. 

Each facility is equipped with imaging modalities that include CT, Xray, and Ultrasound as well as advanced on-site labs and EKG providing extensive care in a "One Stop" model. 

With hours from 8am-8pm weekdays, 8am-5pm weekends and open on holidays, our care teams treat adults and children of all ages, 365 days a year. No appointments are necessary. 

Urgent Care PLUS offers lower out of pocket copay versus going to an emergency department.

Urgent Care PLUS locations provide a clean, spacious, low stress environment with elevated customer service and shorter wait times compared to an emergency department.

As part of the state’s largest and most comprehensive health care network, we share the same Electronic Medical Record (EMR) with Hackensack Meridian Health. When follow-up care is required, our network of providers will have access to your medical records and your health history to ensure that our patient-centered care team is cooperatively involved in your ongoing healthcare management. 

We are committed to treating your pediatric, adult and geriatric urgent medical needs, including:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Allergic reactions
  • Adult and pediatric fevers
  • Broken bones
  • Back pain and whiplash
  • Cases requiring IV medication, fluids, drips
  • Chest pain
  • Cold, Flu, and COVID-19
  • Cuts, scrapes, wounds and burns
  • Diarrhea, vomiting, stomachache and other gastrointestinal distress
  • EKG - Electrocardiogram
  • Falls
  • Foreign body removal
  • Head trauma and headaches
  • Lab: Strep, Flu, COVID-19, Mono and Urinalysis, etc.
  • Pediatric poisoning
  • Pulmonary function test
  • Pinkeye, corneal abrasions and other eye problems
  • Rashes and bug bites
  • Shortness of breath
  • Simple and more complex wound repair
  • Skin Infections
  • Sprains and strains

Urgent Care PLUS Locations

Hackensack Meridian Urgent Care PLUS - Hoboken
5 Marine View Plaza
Suite: 101
Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 848-308-4612
M – F: 8a – 8p
Sat/Sun: 8a – 5p

Hackensack Meridian Urgent Care PLUS- West Orange
769 Northfield Avenue
Suite: LL1/LL4
West Orange, NJ 07052
Phone: 848-308-4609
M - F: 8a – 8p
Sat/Sun: 8a – 5p

Hackensack Meridian Urgent Care PLUS – Wyckoff
327 Franklin Avenue
Wyckoff, NJ 07481
Phone: 848-308-4606
M – F: 8a – 8p
Sat/Sun: 8a – 5p

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