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Your Long-Term Care Pharmacy Experts

Highly ReliableRX offers comprehensive medication and IV services for the diverse needs of Long Term Care (LTC) facilities. Our services are focused on improved clinical outcomes, accurate and efficient billing, and exceptional customer service. Our personalized and cost effective medication solutions are available in a variety of care settings, including:

  • Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Assisted Living and Senior Living Communities
  • Adult Day Care
  • Continuing Care Retirement Communities
  • Residential Care Centers
  • Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers
  • Psychiatric and Developmental Disability Centers
  • Behavioral Health Centers

Our Total Pharmacy Solution

We offer a total pharmacy solution that can be implemented quickly and easily. Our services include oral, external and IV medications, comprehensive professional services, a cost-effective drug delivery system, and complete accountability to our clients, physicians, your residents and their responsible parties.

Highly ReliableRX solution includes:

  • Innovative medication packaging. Utilizing the Parata PASS (Patient Adherence Strip System) offers safe and accurate dispensing, while minimizing medication waste.
  • On-site inventory of medications. Utilizing OmniCell, medications are provided through a secure system for emergency situations and additional dosages, ensuring immediate medication availability at all times.
  • Professional service staff. Our team is dedicated to ensuring personalized account management for each facility, including onsite transition training and support, in-service staff training on pharmacy topics, and meetings with families regarding pharmacy services and billing.
  • Medication management by experienced pharmacists. Experts review medications for potential issues, interact directly with your medical staff when appropriate for issue resolution and identify cost-effective therapeutic substitutions.
  • Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR) alignment. We support integration with companies like EPIC, PointClickCare, and Sigmacare. A complete list is available upon request.
  • Medical Records Printing. We provide customized physician order sheets, medication and treatment administration records, and order sets based on your facility’s needs.

Learn More About Our Services

To have a Highly ReliableRX representative contact you to discuss your business needs, please submit the information below, or call 848-245-8950.

Medication waste and inefficiency are ongoing problems in many post-acute and long-term care settings. As conventional pharmacies typically deliver medications in 14 to 30-day supplies, nurses and support staff spend endless hours related to:

  • Re-ordering
  • Storing and inventory
  • Disposal and destruction of unused medications
  • Processing requests for credits
  • Reconciliation of credits being accurately applied
  • Follow up on credits not applied

Nursing and staff time spent on these tasks is time lost with patients and their families. There is a solution available through Highly ReliableRX.

Do you struggle with these challenges?

  • Unreliable and inconsistent service from pharmacy providers
  • Concerns about availability of medications
  • Administrative time lost and costs associated with processing returns/credits/re-orders
  • Reduced time nurses spend interacting with patients due to time spent on medication delivery
  • Increased stress on nurses managing medications and reduced job satisfaction
  • Inconsistent performance of on-time medication deliveries
  • Limitations on mobility of patients receiving IV medication therapy

Our innovative pharmaceutical dispensing system and professional services were developed with your facility in mind, and were tested and perfected in our own SNF, LTC and assisted living facilities.Our hands-on experience, innovative pharmaceutical dispensing system,and professional services makes Highly ReliableRX the ideal partner.

Highly ReliableRX provides an efficient, consistent and time-saving medication dispensing option through multidose strip packaging. We utilize Parata Systems technology, a proven leader for medication dispensing solutions, to deliver individualized packaging and processes that supports medication adherence and management, and produces measurable operational improvements.Packages are secure, yet easy to open, even for patients who are administering their own medications, allowing for both accountability and patient safety.

To reduce the possibility of medication administration errors, each packet comes clearly labeled with all pertinent information, including:

  • Patient name and location
  • Medication pass time
  • Drug name and strength
  • Patient and medication specific bar coding
  • Physical description of each medication within the package
  • Quantity dispensed
  • Prescribing physician name

Highly ReliableRX is designed for the flexibility you need, and can be customized to accommodate any unique dispensing needs of your facilities.Medication strips can be sorted by your preference, such as room and bed, or by medication pass time. Variable cycle lengths help to minimize the impact of medication changes, and facilities/families are only charged for the doses actually dispensed. This saves money and eliminates the practice of charging and applying retroactive credits for unused medications. Additionally, packets can include over-the-counter medications, reducing the need to have stock bottles take up space in storage areas and medication carts.

Prior to initiating our service, a Highly ReliableRX professional services representative will be assigned to your facility and meet with your team. Together, a customized program will be developed that meets your needs and goals.

Once the program design is finalized, your professional services representative will fully coordinate in-service training on the new system and facilitate a seamless transition to your new pharmacy dispensing solution. They will make regular visits to your facility to check on the status of the program, share best practices, troubleshoot issues, and suggest changes to improve service and efficiency.

Our leadership team remains involved every step of the way - and they work closely with your service advisor to gain feedback, address any concerns and implement any enhancements with our team. Your professional services representative is also a resource for your organization. In addition to your daily business needs, we are committed to communicating the latest industry trends, providing in-services on a variety of pharmacy topics, meeting with families to explain our services and billing, and ensuring that your staff receives the most timely and up to date level of service in long term care pharmacy.

As the delivery of health care adapts to changing needs and evolving safety precautions, there are increased challenges for administrators, staff and nurses. A full-service medication management solution like Highly ReliableRX has many benefits, including business efficiencies, reducing stress and prioritizing nurse and staff satisfaction and retention. Highly ReliableRX blends the highest quality standards with customized services that help post-acute, LTC and assisted living facilities deliver medication therapy in a cost effective and efficient manner.

A High Reliability Organization (HRO) is one that relentlessly prioritizes safety, precision, consistency, efficiency and reducing any opportunity for injury or harm when working in a complex, high risk industry. Health care is an industry that requires the highest reliability in everything we do.

Our service is named Highly ReliableRX because of our persistent and passionate focus on a HRO level of excellence in everything we do. We carry this unyielding mindfulness through to our interactions with the care teams and facilities that we support.

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