Whether it's how to prevent illness, how to know if you should visit a doctor, or what you should do if you are diagnosed with a condition, you should be able to access the health resources and information to help you understand your health and the health of your loved ones.


HealthU is your source for trending health news, patient testimonials, and articles from the region’s top clinicians.

Hackensack Meridian Integrative Health & Medicine

Integrative medicine emphasizes the patient-physician relationship and makes use of all appropriate therapies, including conventional evidence-based medicine as well as complementary treatments.


When simplicity and speed are of top priority, iTriage will diagnose and point you towards the care you need in three simple steps: “Check symptoms.” “Look up conditions.” “Find nearby doctor, clinic, or ER.” When time is what matters most, iTriage is your most trusted ally.

Convenient Care Now

Convenient Care Now by Hackensack University Health Network provides on-demand video consultation for urgent care issues with a board certified physician 24/7, from the comfort of your home or anywhere else.

Health and Wellness Center

Through wellness education and advocacy, Hackensack Meridian Health is committed to keeping New Jersey residents on their feet, at their best and living life to the fullest.

Health Information Database

Browse information on recent health news and a complete guide to being well and staying healthy.


Losing weight is a personal and ongoing struggle for so many, with critical decision points that require support, particularly the choice to have bariatric surgery.


Momtourage is a one-stop resource for local expectant and experienced moms. Join the community where local moms can share, learn and grow together.

KidViews Magazine

They're all very different. But they all have something special in common. When life brought them an unexpected health challenge, they all turned to the remarkable doctors, nurses, and caregivers of Hackensack Meridian Health for answers.

My Health eNews™

Choose the news you want from more than two dozen topics. Reminders for health screenings and other periodic exams recommended by the CDC based on your age and gender.

NJ Sharing Network

Hackensack Meridian Health is committed to partnering with NJ Sharing Network and Gift of Life to increase organ and tissue education and awareness.

Community Events

Special events and classes are a fun way to support Hackensack Meridian Health and your community.