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“Treatment of a Symptomatic Sacral Perineural (Tarlov) Cyst with Caudal Epidural Injection, a case report and review“, Research publication pending:

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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Board Review, Pain Chapter

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Board Review, MSK Chapter

Resident MSK ultrasound lecture series with Dr. Parikh

Nicolas Perez, M.D. 2016-2017

“The Clinical and Cost Effectiveness of Plastic and Metal Trach Tubes In BTU” QI Presentation 2017

“Radiofrequency Treatment for Chronic Knee Pain After Total Knee Arthroplasty”

“Genicular Nerve Ablation for Knee Pain Post Tibial Fracture Fixation”

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Michael Ra, D.O. 2015-2016

“Self Efficacy in Chronic Pain”

“Measuring Joint Range of Motion and Spasticity with a Mobile Device”

“Focal Abdominal Dystonia in a Male with Repeated Abdominal Trauma”

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