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UNMASKED: Chronicles from the Front Lines

UNMASKED is a weekly video series that offers firsthand and honest accounts from front line Hackensack Meridian Health team members about their experiences fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Watch team members across the network open up about the struggles, moments of frustration, and intense bonds that have formed while working in these unprecedented times.

Episode 10


Thank You

UNMASKED was developed by Hackensack Meridian Health, but is intended to honor health care workers across the globe who are exhausted and beaten down by the relentless nature of COVID-19.

You are heroes, we see you, we hear you and we appreciate everything you do. Thank you for sharing who you are behind the mask.

Recent Episodes

Episode 9

Hear from some team members who serve in diverse, non-clinical roles.

Episode 8

This episode we hear from our EMS team. They share memorable patient stories.

Episode 7

On Doctors’ Day we hear perspectives from some of our physicians.

Episode 6

Hear how it feels to be called a health care hero in this episode.

Episode 5

An episode all about how family played a part in coping with COVID.

Episode 4

How some found hope during the darkest days of the pandemic.

Episode 3

Team members share stories of patients they will never forget.

Episode 2

After coping with the pandemic, this is why our caregivers stay.

Episode 1

Hear what it's been like spending two years working in COVID units.

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