Class of 2024: PGY-3 Residents | Hackensack University Medical Center   


Class of 2024: PGY-3

Stacey Damito, D.O.

Graduated from Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine
Hometown: Freehold, NJ
Why HUMC: There is a supportive atmosphere among the residents and teaching faculty that was readily perceptible since interview day. While the program is new, it is led by astounding physicians who were trained by prestigious programs in the area and are highly motivated to put ours on the map. It is exciting to be a part of something that is actively growing, and I am proud to be a resident physician at the #1 hospital of New Jersey! Professional Interests: Opportunity to know as much as possible about everything, in both scope and setting.
Personal Interests: Science fiction, action, mystery and horror genres in all media. Video games. Piano and ukulele. Ballroom dancing. Bubble tea!
If I weren't in medicine, I would be a: forensic scientist
What being a good doctor means to me: Being a great doctor means being the best patient advocate you could be. While there are no doubt many skills a clinician could build in her lifetime, I have found that listening to the patient is the most impactful. Great communication with a patient can directly influence care and positively influence the relationship itself. Patients I have had the honor to work with have often left expressing appreciation for simply hearing out their concerns, and it is this aspect of medicine that makes patient-facing practice absolutely rewarding.

Uri Hochfeld, M.D.

Graduated from Ben-Gurion University
Hometown: Jerusalem, Israel and Tenafly, NJ
Why HUMC: My first experience at HUMC was my father being treated at the cancer center when I was in high school, an experience that brought me into medicine. As a college student I volunteered at the HUMC emergency department, my first role involved in patient care. When applying for residency I wanted to build a career caring for the community I grew up in and train in a large university medical center near my home. I am now lucky and privileged to train in the hospital that played a pivotal role in shaping my decision to pursue medicine under the mentorship of inspiring and exceptional staff that is attentive to my individual needs and provides me with the tools to become the best physician I can be.
Professional Interests: Pulmonary and Critical Care
Personal Interests: Music, live shows, exploring NYC, traveling and sports
If I weren't in medicine, I would be an: architect or in the music industry!!

What being a good doctor means to me: Someone who is able to seamlessly combine profound up to date evidence based medical knowledge with bedside manners and compassion that make the patient feel like they're truly well cared for.

Christopher Manners, M.D.

Graduated fromHackensack Meridian School of Medicine
Hometown: North Potomac, Maryland
Why HUMC: I had rotated here as a student and really liked the experience and the atmosphere. I just decided to stick around. It's also a big place, so you see new and interesting things every day!
Professional Interests: Palliative care, outpatient medicine
Personal Interests: Playing quizbowl, listening to music, eating out at various restaurants (quality unspecified!)
If I weren't in medicine, I would be an: Honestly, I am not sure.
What being a good doctor means to me: Applying all your effort and all that you know for the good of your patients, and should that fall short, always seeking out those with the knowledge and skills to help you out.

Asna Mohammed M.D.

Asna Mohammad, M.D.

Graduated from Dubai Medical College
Hometown: Dubai, UAE
Why HUMC: HUMC is a big, well-known hospital in a great geographic location. Our program is relatively small which makes it easier to connect and get to know everyone better with personalized dedication and support from faculty towards achieving our goals.
Professional Interests: Pulmonology/Critical Care
Personal Interests: Traveling, Running, Paragliding
If I weren't in medicine, I would be an: International aid worker
What being a good doctor means to me: In addition to clinical competency, I find valuing patients' needs, showing empathy and truly understanding and listening to every patient some additional qualities of a good doctor.

Ahmad Qatanani, D.O.

Graduated from Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine
Hometown: Paterson, NJ
Why HUMC: First, HUMC is home for me and I wanted to serve my community. Second, it is the largest hospital in NJ and sees some of the most complex medical cases. Finally the IM program, faculty and residents always felt like a big, welcoming family that now I am happy to be part of.
Interests within Internal Medicine: Pulmonology/Critical Care
Hobbies and interests: Biking, Soccer, Football, Taekwondo, Skiing
If I weren't in medicine, I would be a:  Biomedical Engineer
What being a good doctor means to me: Not just treating patients and making them feel better, but making sure they understand why they were sick and how we cured them. While medicine is a complicated field requiring many years of training, our explanations need not be. Simplifying medical concepts and ensuring patient's and their families truly comprehend the causes of illness, is a vital part of being a good doctor.


Gayatri Singh, M.D.

Graduated from All-India Institute of Medical Sciences
Hometown: Dehradun, India
Why HUMC: Apart from the location, so I could stay close to my family, I felt that the program has a very strong female leadership.. and I'm all about female leaders and women in medicine!
Professional Interests: General medicine (all of it!)
Personal Interests: Love traveling and exploring new cultures! Spending quality time with my 3 toddlers -1 being my husband :)
If I weren't in medicine, I would be a: CEO of my start up
What being a good doctor means to me: Being a good doctor for me is about interacting with my patients. We need to be able to build a relationship through listening and finding out their concerns and ideas. Our behavior shapes how much they trust us and are willing to share.

Tony Varughese M.D.

Tony Varughese, M.D.

Graduated from Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine
Hometown: Bergenfield, NJ
Why HUMC: I chose HUMC since I had a great experience during my core clerkship and sub-internship. We see high acuity cases and volume as a tertiary referral center. We have great camaraderie among residents, faculty, and other medical staff. There is also a strong emphasis on resident wellness. Could not be happier with my decision- so humbled and blessed that I am able to train here!
Professional Interests: Hematology/Oncology, Medical Education, Physician Wellness
Personal Interests: Volleyball, Marathons, Fitness, Basketball, NY Giants, Barbecue
If I weren't in medicine, I would be a: NBA Sports Agent
What being a good doctor means to me: Being a good doctor surpasses mere medical excellence, as it entails partnering with patients through compassion, empathy, and effective communication. A good doctor values the patient's perspective, involves them in decision-making, and fosters a relationship built on trust and collaboration.

Hirva Vyas, D.O.

Graduated from Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine
Hometown: Jersey City/West New York
Why HUMC: I chose HUMC as I wanted to train at an academic program and be able to care for a diverse set of patient population, particularly in an area that I grew up in. The program's culture including the faculty's dedication to help residents becoming better clinicians and camaraderie among co-residents greatly factored in choosing this program.
Professional Interests: Cardiology
Personal Interests: Dancing, cooking, playing sports, reading/writing, couponing
If I weren't in medicine, I would be a:  A chef or a choreographer
What being a good doctor means to me: Being a good doctor means commitment to lifelong learning, compassionate service and being your patients' best advocate.

Ann Xavier D.O.

Graduated from New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine
Hometown: Long Island, NY

Why HUMC: HUMC has a dedicated primary care track that focuses on continuity. As someone who wishes to explore healthcare as a primary care provider, this was very important to me. HUMC is also one of the largest healthcare institutions which assured me that I would be exposed to a wide range of patient demographics, pathology and diagnoses.

Professional Interests: Hospitalist, Primary Care
Personal Interests: Reading, Going to movies, Playing with babies :D, Eating

If I weren't in medicine, I would be an:  Event planner

What being a good doctor means to me: Being a good doctor means having the patient feel heard and cared for, and consistently advocating for the patient.

Shucen Wan, M.D.

Graduated from North Sichuan Medical College
Hometown: Sichuan. China
Why HUMC: It is the best hospital in NJ. Never see a hospital that has the highest google review in terms of number and rate. My husband grew up here and we got married here.I love the diversity here.
Professional Interests: Rheumatology and Hematology/Oncology.
Personal Interests: Running in nature. Swimming long distance in Olympic size pool. Getting whole body massage once a week
If I weren't in medicine, I would be a:  Dancer who expresses the beauty of art
What being a good doctor means to me: Treating the patient like a family member and caring for their concerns, healing them not only physically but mentally as well.

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