Generosity Through the Generations   

Generosity Through the Generations

Fletcher Creamer

As J. Fletcher Creamer, Jr., CEO of J. Fletcher Creamer & Son Inc., reflects on the growth of his family-owned, nationally operated con­struction organization, he draws parallels to the simultaneous evolution of Hackensack University Medical Center—an evolu­tion that his family helped fuel.

“My grandfather started with one truck and we grew to employ 1,200 people, working with 2,500 pieces of equip­ment,” Fletch says of his company’s 1923 beginnings, mentioning that the company’s history includes early site work on the George Washing­ton Bridge. “And the medical center began with a single building as Bergen County’s first hospital. It’s really quite amazing.”

The Creamer family helped ensure the evolution from a community hospital to an academic medical center, supporting numerous initia­tives including the building of the cardiac wing of the medical center, named in honor of Fletch’s father, and contributing to the cre­ation of the John Theurer Cancer Center. The Jeffrey M. Creamer Trauma Center was established to honor the memory of Fletch’s younger brother. The family’s generous philanthropic giving through the Hackensack University Medical Center Foundation spans decades and continues to positively impact providing exceptional health care campuswide.

“We have one of the finest medical centers in the country right in our backyard,” Fletch says. “Eventually, most of us go there for one reason or another—for yourself or a family member. Whether it’s a minor issue or a major problem, it’s import­ant to support it.”

Fletch’s significant financial contributions are enhanced by the gift of his time and var­ied expertise, having reached his professional executive positions after first work­ing as a laborer in the field. When his father stepped down from the board, Fletch stepped up, following his father’s advice by assuming multiple board positions, including leadership roles as chairman.

“It all adds up. Whether it’s a $100 donation or a contribution in the millions, being involved really mat­ters. It’s a great thing to make a meaningful differ­ence in the lives of relatives, friends and strangers,” Fletch says. “Sooner or later, we all need help. I’m proud to do my part.”

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