New Jersey Accomplished Artist Gives Back to Riverview Medical Center   
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New Jersey Accomplished Artist Gives Back to Riverview Medical Center

September 30, 2021

Aldo Gaetano Baldi, M.D., (1929–2003) was a highly regarded and dedicated pathologist for more than 30 years at Riverview Medical Center. Over the last 18 years, his wife, Marilyn Baldi has continued his legacy of service to the Riverview community.

Through the years, Marilyn has focused her giving around improving the hospital experience for patients and their family members. She has helped make updates to patient family waiting rooms—whether it be providing a new coffeemaker, changing out flooring or putting in new chairs.

“When my husband was in and out of the hospital being treated for pancreatic cancer, I was so appreciative of the fact that the entire hospital staff was very considerate of the needs of both of us,” she says. “That’s why I focus my gifts on making patients and their loved ones more comfortable during their Riverview experience.”

Some of her initial philanthropy provided for a harpist to play in the oncology unit weekly as a comfortable interlude for patients and their families. The gift honored her husband, an Italian national born in China who became a U.S. citizen in 1959.

“I called my husband a renaissance man because he was interested and talented in so many areas. The love of music and the arts was important to both of us and is still a dominant part of my life,” says Marilyn, who is an accomplished photographer.

In 2004, Marilyn presented a piece of stunning artwork for the entrance to Riverview that she dedicated to her husband. The polarized light collage by artist Austine Wood emulates a living, moving aquarium and is a soothing, therapeutic sight for all who enter the hospital’s doors.

Most recently, Marilyn has named Riverview as a beneficiary of an IRA. “This gift allows us to celebrate Marilyn's philanthropic spirit during her lifetime by honoring Dr. Baldi, who was instrumental in developing the Pathology Program at Riverview several decades ago, which has now expanded exponentially,” says Jackie Bartley-Oxley, vice president of gift planning for Hackensack Meridian Health Foundation. “By working with her wonderful professional advisor, who was a close personal friend to Dr. Baldi, and in collaboration with the Riverview leadership team, Marilyn was able to fulfill her wishes through an IRA rollover option.”

To celebrate Marilyn’s generosity, in 2020, the pathology lab at Riverview was dedicated to Dr. Baldi, who made an extraordinary impact on the department through his many years of professionalism and service.

“My husband was so proud of his U.S. citizenship and he wanted to give back to his country, not just in medicine but also serving in the military for 20 years. He was a member of the Air National Guard as a physician, commander of the 108th Clinic and New Jersey state air surgeon,” Marilyn says. “He was proud of his accomplishments at the hospital, and he respected the hospital and all of the doctors and team members he worked with. This gift will allow me to celebrate my philanthropic spirit today and know that my legacy of helping change health care in my community will continue for many years to come."

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