Marlboro, New Jersey, Resident Is Back on the Dancefloor After Hip Replacement   

Marlboro, New Jersey, Resident Is Back on the Dancefloor After Hip Replacement

Renee Bingert

Renee Bingert, an accounts payable manager at an electrical installation company, had been suffering from severe back pain as well as shooting pain every time she tried to stand up. It was keeping the 60-year-old from doing the things she loved, including dancing at her community club, Elks Lodge. 

She decided to visit her chiropractor in hopes that a treatment would fix everything. But after watching her walk, her chiropractor realized she needed a hip replacement and referred her to Nader Bakhos, M.D., orthopedic surgeon at Riverview Medical Center.

Dr. Bakhos first tried a cortisone shot, but the relief did not last long. After a thorough examination, the other options he was able to offer Renee were a conventional hip replacement or the new MAKO robotic-assisted hip joint replacement surgical procedure.

Precise Results

The MAKO surgical system offers doctors and patients increased confidence in an excellent outcome. Here’s how it works:

  • First, the patient receives a CT scan of the affected joint to create a 3-D image. 
  • The doctor uses the results of the CT scan to develop a detailed preoperative plan to determine the appropriate size of the new joint implant as well as ensure optimal fit and positioning. 
  • During the surgery, the doctor installs temporary pins into the pelvis to guide the MAKO camera and robotic arm. 
  • The robotic arm then guides the surgeon’s hands as the damaged bone is removed to prepare it for the new hip joint components. Next, the robotic arm guides the surgeon’s hands while implanting the hip components.

“By using the MAKO robot, I can reduce the stress for the patient because they know the surgery is going to be more precise than conventional surgery,” Dr. Bakhos says. “The two most difficult parts of hip replacement surgery are putting the new hip socket in exactly the right position and making sure the patient’s leg is the same length as it was before. This is the most precise tool we have for determining leg length, and while my hands are controlling the robotic arm, the system offers additional safety by not allowing the surgeon to remove more bone than necessary.”

Pain-free and Back on the Dancefloor

Building a solid, trusting relationship with your surgeon helps reduce the stress associated with a major surgical experience. Renee is grateful for the clear communication she experienced with Dr. Bakhos. “Dr. Bakhos was very forthcoming,” she says. “At an appointment before surgery, he told me exactly what it was going to be like. He’s so easy to talk with.”

Renee’s right hip was replaced in February 2022 at Riverview Medical Center in Red Bank, New Jersey. Shortly after she was discharged home, she began physical therapy at Hackensack Meridian Rehabilitation at Manalapan and is now able to walk pain-free. Even though her daily commute to Long Island City, New York, includes a bus trip, train ride and five-block walk, she has already been able to return to work.

“MAKO is an exciting technology,” Dr. Bakhos says. “More joint replacements will be performed using it, and it will likely become the standard of care.”

For Renee, the results of her surgery are amazing and gratifying. Less than two months after her surgery, she attended an officer installation at her Elks Lodge—not just attend, but also dance the evening away wearing 5-inch heels.

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