Nurse Back to Work After Webinar Helps Solve Urinary Issues   

Nurse Back to Work After Webinar Helps Solve Urinary Issues

Laura Lamb-Susca

Laura Lamb-Susca, a nurse at Jersey Shore University Medical Center, had been suffering from urinary issues for almost six years. Although it did not stop her from working or hiking with her family in her spare time, it necessitated a trip to the bathroom several times during the day and night while she was sleeping. 
She assumed the condition was normal for her age—until the day she decided to sit in on a webinar given by Nina Jacobson, M.D., a urogynecologist at Jersey Shore.

A Robotic Option 

During Dr. Jacobson’s webinar, Laura learned that a prolapsed uterus could be the cause of her problems. The symptoms of prolapsed pelvic conditions can include incontinence, an overactive bladder and frequent urinary tract infections. Feeling more hopeful about finding relief, Laura met with Dr. Jacobson. She discovered not only that her uterus was prolapsed and sitting on top of her bladder, but also that she had a large uterine fibroid.
Dr. Jacobson recommended a hysterectomy to resolve her issues and explained that she was a good candidate for robotic surgery. Robotic surgery would allow Dr. Jacobson to perform the procedure with the assistance of a computer that gives a 3-D, high-definition view of the surgical site. Robotic surgery is safer, quicker, less invasive and has a faster recovery time than open procedures.
“Dr. Jacobson explained everything to me and answered every question I had,” Laura says. “She took the time to make a connection with me both before and after the procedure, and the team at her office is wonderful.”
Dr. Jacobson says most women don’t know that relief from urinary issues is possible. “Many women believe it is normal to suffer from these urogynecologic issues,” she says. “It is not normal, and there are many treatment options.”

Care Close to Home 

Since her surgery in January 2022, Laura is back to her regular routine and is hiking with her family again. She is grateful to have normal bladder habits, and that the scars from the surgery were very small and healed quickly. 

She is also thankful to have found the best solution to her urinary issues close to home—right in her own workplace.

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