Former Football Player Now Tackles Family Medicine   

Former Football Player Now Tackles Family Medicine

Dr. Patrick Correa

As a dedicated fan of TV’s Judge Judy while growing up, Patrick Correa, D.O., thought he was destined for a law career. But the family medicine physician at Riverview Medical Center eventually realized the once-and-done nature of court rulings didn’t suit his overarching desire to help people over the longer haul.

“I wanted a career in which I could follow people’s progress, to make sure they’re doing well,” says Dr. Correa, 30, who stayed with Hackensack Meridian Health after recently serving as chief resident at Ocean University Medical Center. “Once I found family medicine, it checked all my boxes.”

Balancing a broad variety of patients with frequent exercise in his off-hours, the Brooklyn, New York, native also prioritizes time with his many local family members and friends. The former Fordham University running back also connects with old pals by organizing regular touch football games. 

How does your gym routine enhance your work-life balance?

It’s good to unwind, which helps me keep my head on straight and gives me energy for the next day. I try to get to the gym four or five times a week, because if you fall off your routines, that’s when health conditions start to catch up with you. It helps my patients, too, because I can show them new workouts and explain how to start using a treadmill.  

You’ve said the best gift you ever got was a Nintendo 64 game in kindergarten. Do you still enjoy video games?

Yes, it’s a mindless activity that calms me. Even better, I use video games to communicate online with some of my family and friends in Brooklyn during the week. My brother and I play every other day for a half-hour or so.

If you could have dinner with a celebrity, past or present, who would it be and why?

The British chef Gordon Ramsay. I love his shows and love how he strives for perfection. In medicine, we’re always trying to keep up with the newest and best treatments, and how they work compared to the ones that came before. We don’t have to be perfect in everything, but I feel if we’re doing something, we should do it the best we can.

What’s one of your major future goals?

I haven’t traveled much. My mom is from Brazil, so I’ve been there. But I haven’t gone to other countries. I really want to get on a plane more and explore new places.

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