Family Medicine Doctor Is a Medical ‘Detective’   

Family Medicine Doctor Is a Medical ‘Detective’

Dr. Timothy Wuu

December 23, 2022

As a family medicine doctor treating teens, adults and seniors, Timothy Wuu, M.D., “home grown,” from Middletown, New Jersey, became an attending physician in August 2022 after completing residency, and he’s on a mission. “If there’s a problem, let’s prevent it from escalating,” he says.

Dr. Wuu says he sees himself as a coach and his patients as athletes, and he’s committed to try to help each one experience a long and healthy quality of life. He breaks down complex medical information for each patient so they can better understand their condition and what they can do about it.

In the spirit of boosting public health awareness, he stresses the importance of vaccinations: “The body needs to develop antibodies, and vaccines make that happen.” 

Every day of practicing medicine, Dr. Wuu calls upon his ever-curious nature, which causes him to continually ask, “Why?” “I like to solve puzzles, and I’m a detective,” he says. As a problem solver, he appreciates technology and innovation, and surrounds himself with the latest gadgets to get the job done. “I always need to have an answer. Because of that, I think my patients would say, ‘Dr. Wuu cares about me.’”

You encourage your patients to exercise, but how do you fit it into your busy life?

It helps that residency is over, so I have more time to exercise. I get some light cardio in the clinic because I'm always moving between patient rooms with no time to sit down. But for more, I go to the gym multiple times each week for cardio on the elliptical machine, to save some wear and tear on the joints.

What celebrity would you most want to have dinner with?

Lady Gaga! She's a class act. She advocates for mental health, which can be misunderstood and sometimes even ignored. Mental health connects to physical health, as they are both entwined with another. Health is wealth.

How do you spend quality time with friends and family?

I like to spend time socializing with friends and family as much as possible. Socializing is key in maintaining a healthy mind, especially given recent events. I am a fan of trying new restaurants, venues that feature local musicians. I also love to entertain and host dinners at my home.

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