New Jersey Family Cultivates a Spirit of Giving   

New Jersey Family Cultivates a Spirit of Giving

Ann Liu and Ashish Singh standing outside together smiling.

October 30, 2023

For Ann Liu and Ashish Singh, grateful patients and friends of Palisades Medical Center, the decision to give back through generous philanthropy in support of maternal health was an easy one to make, especially after the couple’s two children were born at the hospital. 

“We had such a great experience with the delivery of our son that there was no question we would go to Palisades when it was time to deliver our daughter,” Ann says. “Everything went smoothly, and the entire team was considerate, professional and warm.” 

In addition to the care that the couple received when their children were born, Ann and Ashish were incredibly pleased with their other care experiences.

A mutual connection and their great appreciation for Palisades opened the door for Ann and Ashish to become involved in the hospital’s Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC), a group of current and former patients who collaborate with hospital team members to enhance the care experience for patients and their loved ones. 

As Ann and Ashish began participating in PFAC, and after an official tour of the Maternity Unit at Palisades, they were inspired to support the hospital’s award-winning Maternal Health program. By giving back in honor of the care they received and the birth of their children, Ann and Ashish hope to ensure that all families in their community have access to the same family-focused health care they continue to receive. 

Cultivating a spirit of philanthropy is integral to the couple and their family but also through Ashish’s real estate development and construction company. Ashish, who was raised in India, and Ann, who was raised in China, came to the United States for their education. 

“One of the reasons we run a business is so we can give back to our community, because we are so grateful for the opportunities we have and the environment that enables us to grow our business and our family,” Ann says. 

The couple also hopes their involvement in the community inspires their children to give back one day. 

“When parents get involved, they are showing kids how to get involved, which shapes them into well-rounded people,” Ann says. “Giving back also reinforces the importance of caring for others and caring for your community long-term. When we work together to make the hospital a better place, the community becomes a better place.”

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