NJ Primary Care Doctor Planning Trip Around the World   

NJ Primary Care Doctor Planning Trip Around the World

Hannah Abumusa, M.D., M.S. Ed.

Raised in a hardworking family who immigrated to the United States for better opportunities, Hannah Abumusa, M.D., M.S. Ed., credits her strong work ethic to her upbringing. But as a child—despite her father’s dreams of a future medical career for her—she never really thought about being a doctor. Her heart was in teaching, and she would pretend to be a teacher with her siblings. 

"The love of reading was instilled in me at a very young age, and I grew up with a passion for books. I dreamed of being a librarian,” Dr. Abumusa says.

Today, Dr. Abumusa practices adult primary care and women’s health. As the associate program director of the Transitional Year Residency, for Ocean University Medical Center, she combines her passions for medicine and education to support new residents embarking on their journey as career physicians. “This is my calling,” says Dr. Abumusa, who is affiliated with Hackensack Meridian Medical Group.

How do you spend time with residents?

I work with and mentor residents who spend a year with our department, and I walk with them from day one. They train in multiple specialties, like dermatology and radiology. Having been where they are, I want to respect their voices and be their advocate. I share a connection with them and let them know we are all here in a safe space where they can speak up.

What is your philosophy of life and work?

I learned so much from my beloved sister, who battled cancer. It was a life-changing experience for me. Patients are much more than their cases and their charts. I’ve learned how tough, resilient and powerful we all are—and that we can do more than we think we can. I’ve learned that when life gets tough, we can get stronger.

What do you enjoy away from work?

I enjoy reading and playing board games with my family. My husband—also a physician—and I are passionate travelers. We even joke at times that I can work as a part-time travel agent, always jumping at any opportunity to plan unique and diverse trips.

Currently, we're curating a map of bucket-list countries to explore together. I firmly believe that having an open mind and immersing ourselves in diverse cultures enriches our personal lives and contributes to our growth as doctors. It broadens our perspectives, fostering a deeper understanding of the human experience and ultimately enhancing our ability to provide more compassionate and culturally sensitive care to our patients.

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