A Ripple Effect of Giving and Love to Benefit Patients   

A Ripple Effect of Giving and Love to Benefit Patients

Jessica Rosamilia and her father Joseph.

Philanthropic gifts made in honor of loved ones serve as a profound tribute to their enduring legacy, ensuring that their spirit lives on through acts of kindness and compassion. For Sandy Rosamilia and her family, a generous gift made through the Jessica Foundation to support the cancer center expansion project at JFK University Medical Center – given in honor of her granddaughter, Jessica, and her husband, Joseph – is sure to do just that.

When Jessica passed away eleven years ago from a severe neurological disability, Joseph created the Jessica Foundation to honor her memory and give back to the community. Joseph and his wife, Sandy, managed the foundation until his passing. Together, they generously gave to organizations and medical centers in Jessica’s name. In 2019, he was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer and passed away. Sandy, Dana, her daughter, and Kristina, her granddaughter, are now overseeing the foundation and continuing Joseph’s important work, except now all of the gifts made are in honor of Jessica and Joseph.

The Jessica Foundation’s recent gift to JFK University Medical Center Foundation will help fund the cancer center expansion at JFK University Medical Center, which will be designed to enhance the patient experience and provide the community with access to nationally recognized oncology specialists and the latest technologies.

“Both Jessica and Joseph touched the lives of so many,” says Sandy. “They will continue to do so, beyond their passing, with gifts like these. We hope that patients and their families in Edison and the surrounding communities are able to positively benefit from this gift.”

Generous gifts like the Jessica Foundation’s help JFK University Medical Center provide healing to those in need, embodying the true essence of honoring loved ones by making a difference in the lives of others. We thank Sandy, the Rosamilia family and the Jessica Foundation for their impactful generosity. To make a gift to JFK University Medical Center, please visit GiveHMH.org/JFKUMC or contact Sheri Marino, executive director, at sheri.marino@hmhn.org.


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