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Patient Information

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At Hackensack Meridian Health, our scientists are engaged in innovative research to improve medical care. Many of today’s therapies and treatments were discovered because of patients who donated specimens for research.

What is a biorepository?

A biorepository is a place where leftover specimens (such as blood, urine, stool, or tissue from a biopsy) are stored along with medical information.

What does this involve?

Sometimes, there are specimens left over after lab tests are done. We may collect and store these leftover specimens. If you are already getting a blood draw, you may be asked if you agree to give some extra blood. We will not stick you again just to collect extra blood. You may also be asked to give other specimens that are easy to collect, like saliva, urine, or stool.

How will your specimen be used?

Researchers who are interested in understanding diseases and finding better treatments may want to study the specimens. Researchers from Hackensack Meridian Health, universities, the government, and drug or health-related companies can ask to use specimens in the biorepository.

How will my medical information be kept private?

In addition to the specimen collection, we may gather and store some health information from your medical record. The medical information we collect will be linked to your specimens.

Personal information (your name, phone number, home address etc.) is removed before any specimens or medical information are given to researchers. This process is called “de-identification.” Private information that can identify you will be kept private.

Will it cost me anything to participate?

There is no cost to you or your insurance company for participation.

Do I have to participate?

Participating is voluntary and entirely up to you. Your decision to participate will not affect your medical care or health insurance coverage in any way.

If I am interested, what do I do next?

If you are interested in participating or have any questions please contact the Hackensack Meridian Health Biorepository at 551-996-3700 or e-mail at

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For more information about participating in research or donating specimens, please contact or 551-996-3700.

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