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Addiction & Substance Use Treatment

Addiction Treatment Programs

In the U.S. today, more than 46 million people have a substance use disorder, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.1 People turn to drugs and alcohol for different reasons, including stress relief, pressure from society and managing untreated mental health issues and physical pain. If you are suffering, you are not alone, and help is available. 

Drugs and alcohol may provide temporary relief, but they bring many mental and physical health challenges that require a professional addiction rehab program to overcome. At Blake Recovery Center, a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in New Jersey, we customize our rehab programs to each and every patient, combining different methods proven to be effective.

Beating addiction and improving your well-being requires a personalized approach that focuses on your unique needs. Blake Recovery Center can provide that. Call us at 866-266-1616.

Addiction Treatment Programs at Blake Recovery Center 

Facing an addiction alone can be overwhelming. At Blake Recovery Center, we understand the difficulties our patients face when it comes to substance use disorder and offer individualized rehab programs designed specifically for people who want to overcome their addiction.

We provide comprehensive treatment programs for a variety of addictions. We offer:

What to Expect in Our Addiction Treatment Programs in New Jersey

At Blake Recovery Center, we believe in providing comprehensive care to help our patients overcome substance use disorder. We meet you where you are, whether you need inpatient rehab and detox or intensive outpatient services. 

Inpatient Detox and Rehab

Our residential rehab addiction program combines medical treatment and therapy to address both the physical and emotional aspects of drug and alcohol addiction. 

Detox: Detox allows your body to cleanse itself from toxins such as drugs or alcohol. There is no doubt that detox is emotionally and physically challenging, especially if you go it alone. But our treatment teams will be with you to manage withdrawal symptoms and see you through the process with compassion and encouragement. 

We provide 24-hour medical supervision, as well as a range of treatments and therapies to help you get through detox, including medications, counseling and a strong support system.

Recovery Methods: We provide a combination of one-on-one therapy sessions and therapeutic group sessions facilitated by skilled professionals to give you the tools and skills that can help your recovery. Our addiction treatment programs focus on teaching effective strategies for interacting in an alcohol and drug-free environment to prevent relapse.

We also recognize that family members can provide tremendous support in your journey to recovery. So with your consent, we involve your loved ones in the program by providing family education and support groups.

Outpatient Care for Substance Use Disorder and Addiction

Sometimes you need outpatient care without detox and rehab addiction treatment. Sometimes you need outpatient care after completing an inpatient program. At Blake Recovery Center, our intensive outpatient program (IOP) helps you get on the road to recovery or stay on it for the long term.

Our IOP includes group meetings three times a week to treat both substance use and mental health issues. With the goal of teaching early recovery skills, relapse prevention and engaging social support, these sessions provide supportive strategies that you can use in real-life situations. 

The IOP also provides family education, so loved ones can help you in your continued journey toward sobriety.

After You Complete Our Addiction Rehab Programs

Once you've successfully finished your addiction treatment program, it's crucial to create a recovery plan for ongoing support to stay on track with your sobriety goals. This might include attending group therapy sessions or one-on-one counseling as an outpatient, where you can access valuable resources and receive the support you need to maintain a positive mindset.

We know how important it is to feel supported in your continued healing journey. That’s why, after treatment, our care team will continue to support you through:

  • Individualized aftercare plans
  • Check-ins post-discharge and follow-up calls
  • Alumni virtual check-ins
  • Alumni events that can include family members

Why Choose Us

Your decision about where to seek care is as important as the decision to seek care and change your life.

As a not-for-profit organization and part of Hackensack Meridian Health, we truly care about your care and success.

At Blake Recovery Center, we understand the unique needs of individuals struggling with drug and alcohol addiction and provide personalized care in a safe environment designed for healing.

Our goal in treating those addicted to drugs and alcohol is to help them manage the disease and gain control of their addiction so it no longer rules their life. 

Blake Recovery Center stands apart from other addiction treatment centers by providing: 

  • A strong alumni program that provides support long after you complete the program
  • Dedicated addiction counselors with years of experience
  • Specialists in areas such as grief recovery, trauma and co-occurring disorders
  • Family support groups to help you and your loved ones through your recovery
  • Healing therapies, including mindfulness, meditation and animal therapy

Get Help Today. 

Contact Blake Recovery Center’s Addiction Treatment Program 

If you or a loved one is struggling with substance use disorder, you can find compassion, care and expertise at Blake Recovery Center to support you on your path to recovery. To speak with our addiction admissions team, call us at 866-266-1616.

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