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Residential Treatment Program

Blake Recovery Center, a New Jersey not-for-proft organization that provides comprehensive addiction treatment programs, is much more than a rehab center. Our residential treatment program initiates the process of recovery from drug and alcohol addictions and encompasses a comprehensive treatment plan specific to the medical, emotional and social needs of each individual. 

Our proactive approach includes: 

  • Individual and group counseling
  • Family intervention
  • Addiction education
  • Exercise
  • Healing therapies like mindfulness, meditation, pet therapy and equine therapy
  • Medical stabilization
  • Self-help support recovery via Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings and/or SMART Recovery meetings. 
  • Alumni program that supports you long after you complete our treatment program

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Therapy and Support in Our Residential Treatment Program in New Jersey

As part of our addiction treatment programs, you will receive regular support and intervention from licensed and certified addiction counselors who will create an individualized treatment plan related to your goals. We also provide counselors who are experienced in specific areas like grief recovery and trauma.

We combine a variety of therapy strategies, including:

  • Individual therapy sessions
  • Therapeutic group sessions
  • Didactic sessions (instructional sessions)
  • Family involvement 

Comprehensive Residential Treatment Program

Our residential treatment programs are tailored around each patient’s needs to help advance the recovery process and reduce the risk of relapse. Medically supervised, all rehabilitation activities are supported by a positive, respectful environment with the specific goals and objectives being to:

  • Develop specific coping skills for relapse prevention
  • Engage the patient and family in the recovery process from admission through the discharge plan
  • Identify and treat emotional/behavioral conditions that may complicate recovery
  • Incorporate evidence-based practices into the individual’s specific residential treatment plan, including FDA-approved medications for opiate detox. 
  • Counselors will assist with stress and anger management skills; and relapse prevention plans.
  • Initiate or continue abstinence from drugs, alcohol and other substances when appropriate
  • Involve the family and loved ones in the recovery process through education, support and appropriate referral
  • Link to further treatment and support resources with comprehensive discharge planning services
  • Strengthen the recovery environment

After Completion of Our Residential Treatment Program

After you complete our residential treatment program, we stay with you every step of the way toward long-term recovery. We provide:

  • Individualized aftercare and recovery plans
  • Check-ins and follow-up calls after discharge 
  • Virtual alumni support groups
  • In-person alumni events, including family members

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If you or a loved one is struggling with substance use disorder or addiction, you can find a compassionate, professional and complete recovery program right here in New Jersey at Blake Recovery Center. To speak with our addiction admissions team, call us at866-266-1616.

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