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Breast Cancer Screening and Diagnosis

Each of our imaging specialists have advanced training in breast imaging and only interpret breast images, providing them with laser-focused expertise. In addition to the services and resources below, view our Breast Health page for more information, and learn your 5-year & lifetime risk of breast cancer via our risk assessment.

Also called digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT), this technology is more sensitive than conventional 2D mammography for detecting breast cancer, especially for women with dense breasts and even for women with fatty breasts.

This highly sensitive imaging is sometimes used in conjunction with mammography to screen women who have an elevated risk of breast cancer.

We use sound waves to image the breast and provide additional screening information.

If your breast imaging exams indicate that you need an ultrasound-guided biopsy, we can often provide a same-day biopsy.

If you had a screening or diagnostic mammogram at another facility, you can seek an additional assessment, biopsy, consultation or second opinion with our team of radiologists, surgeons and pathologists.

Our high-risk breast cancer program provides risk assessment and genetic testing for genes such as BRCA1 and BRCA2 so we can design follow-up and support care that is specific to your needs.

An advanced imaging technology that combines the benefits of high-resolution 3D mammography with functional imaging performed using a contrast agent. This form of mammography provides information about a tumor’s blood supply, which helps to improve breast cancer detection and imaging accuracy. This technology will allow women with dense breasts, personal or family history of breast cancer, genetic mutations, an abnormal mammogram result, concerning symptoms, or other conditions that increase breast cancer risk. The technology offers an advanced imaging alternative for women who cannot have breast MRI.

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