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Designed with the goal of preventing or slowing the spread of the cancer to the bones, not to cure the cancer, Radium-223 is a new treatment option for men with metastatic prostate cancer whose cancer has spread despite receiving medical or surgical therapy to lower testosterone. 

Who is a Candidate for Radium-223?

Radium-223 is an alternative for men diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer who are too ill to undergo chemotherapy. Not only are patients’ life expectancies increased by an average of about three months, Radium-223 also improves their quality of life by offering pain relief. 

What to Expect From Radium-223

Radium-223 is administered intravenously over a one minute period, and is usually given once every four weeks for a maximum of six treatment sessions. The radiation is focused and precise, minimizing the damage to other tissue and allowing patients to return home shortly after receiving the injection. 

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