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Pain Management

When to Seek Care for Chronic or Sudden Pain

We offer new minimally invasive approaches that can help many patients with chronic or sudden (acute) pain. If you are suffering from one of the following conditions and it interferes with your day-to-day life, you may benefit from additional pain management care:

  • Arthritic pain, such as joint, neck or back pain
  • Cancer pain, including in the bones, nerve pain or pain caused by a tumor
  • Injuries, including pain caused by sports injuries, accidents and other trauma
  • Lower back pain, including lumbar steroid injections and medial branch blocks
  • Neurological pain, such as migraine headaches or nerve, back or neck pain
  • Orthopedic pain, such as chronic knee, shoulder, elbow or foot pain
Our Pain Management Doctors

Our professional team can provide effective relief from pain and suffering related to acute and chronic pain conditions. Our structure and setup brings together the full range of clinicians needed to comprehensively address all aspects of a patient’s condition.

How We Treat Arthritic Pain

The clinical team in our outpatient pain management rehabilitation program uses interventional procedures to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal and back pain and non-addictive approaches to pain relief whenever possible, including injections and physical therapy. Learn more.

How We Treat Cancer Pain

Our cancer rehabilitation team works with patients and their oncologists to help patients manage pain and symptoms associated with treatment, such as neuropathy — abnormal sensations in the hands or feet. Learn more.

How We Treat Pain Caused by Injuries

Our board-certified physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians create an individualized care plan to help you regain your strength, create a healthy lifestyle, ease pain and regain function safely and quickly, focusing on non-addictive and, whenever possible, non-surgical approaches to pain relief. Learn more

How We Treat Lower Back Pain

We provide complete pain care every step along the way, including lumbar and cervical epidural steroid injections, facet joint injections and nerve, root and medial branch blocks. Learn more.

How We Treat Migraines and Other Neurological Pain

Our neurological rehabilitation team uses the latest techniques and therapies to manage pain and reduce the use of opioid medications. If you suffer from migraines, our team may recommend trigger point injections, nerve block injections, or Botox injections, depending on the cause of your headaches. Learn more

How We Treat Orthopedic Pain

We use non-surgical treatments whenever possible, including trigger point injections, nerve blocks, radiofrequency nerve ablation (RFN) and many other treatment options. Learn more.

We Also Specialize in Palliative Medicine

Our team of physicians, nurses, social workers, physical therapists and other specialists work together to provide each patient a personalized, compassionate end-of-life pain management plan. Learn more.

Patient Story

“My back pain was unbearable. I was so frightened, I couldn’t even think straight, but I believed in Dr. Qasim Husain’s expertise. Today, I’m mobile—walking unassisted, driving a car, walking the stairs without holding onto the railing. I’m so grateful. I couldn’t have done it without the support of my family and my entire care team at Hackensack Meridian Health.” - Gina Petillo, Little Silver, New Jersey

Patient Perspectives Gina Petillo

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