Wellness Program

Program Overview

The Department of PM&R at JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute supports the Resident/Fellow Wellness Program, which creates a sustainable annual program that fosters resident and fellow wellness, encouraging a supportive and positive work environment for residents and fellows.
Activities include:
  • Stanford Modules (fatigue, substance abuse, stress and depression, disruptive behavior)
  • Mindfulness and meditation education
  • Buddy System
  • Orientation Welcome Dinner with Residents, and separate Welcome Dinner with Residents and Faculty
  • Lectures during Orientation given on fatigue and sleep deprivation by our psychologist
  • Holiday annual dinner
  • Wellness Quarterly Social Events (tai chi, escape the room, Top Golf, board game night, for example)
PMR Residents Wall Climbing Group Photo
Residents and Fellows participate in regular wellness activities, both during protected didactic lecture time, and also outside of work. The Resident/Fellow Wellness Program sponsors activities to foster a supportive and positive work environment for residents and fellows.

Contact Us:

Sara Cuccurullo, M.D.
Residency Program Director
732-321-7000 ext. 62133, 62780

Leslie Bagay, M.D.
Assistant Residency Program Director
732-321-7000 ext. 68244

Beverly Bolger, PM&R
Residency Program Coordinator
732-321-7000 ext. 62133
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